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New Music Chicago Spring Festival ’87

In its fifth year and gaining wider support and recognition, the New Music Chicago Festival–a week-long showcase of the city’s diverse and fascinating musical talents–is well on its way to becoming a local institution. At what other times do Northwestern University composers pay attention to their peers at the University of Chicago? Or are the […]

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I thought puns were a depressing, meaningless, mindless activity until this woman with Doublemint gum wrappers attached to the top of her shoe pointed out that “their invention takes great mental skill.” “Beckett, Shakespeare, Joyce, and Nabokov were all punsters,” she said. “Ever eat Reagan chicken? It’s just the right wings.” The woman with the […]

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Edgewise; Dreamscape of the Falcon

On the Edge Theatre Company Igloo, the Theatrical Group Off-Off Loop Theatre Festival at the Theatre Building It’s 2067, and as part of the annual convention of the Ministry of Satire, Humor, and Irrigation, we’re going to see a presentation (by the Ministry of Exhibitionism, Performance, and Household Appliances — so much for the New […]

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Linda Hopkins

In 1936, 11-year-old Linda Hopkins encountered the two great musical influences of her life: Bessie Smith, whose raw but regal blues style is echoed in Hopkins’s own singing, and Mahalia Jackson, who encouraged Hopkins to take up church music professionally. In the late 1940s, Hopkins crossed over into jazz; some 20 years later, she launched […]

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Star-Crossed Lovers

THE SATIN SLIPPER **** (Masterpiece) Directed and written by Manoel de Oliveira With Luis-Miguel Cintra, Anne Configny, and Patricia Barzyk Cinema has given us many kinds of masterworks. The Satin Slipper (Le soulier de satin) is clearly not a film for everyone. A viewer expecting the ready emotional charge provided by a well-crafted Hollywood production […]

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Snakefinger is a wonderful musician who tends to get overshadowed by the Residents, the mysterious and disturbing band for whom he has often played hired gun. A shame, because while the decidedly outre Residents are mostly about “concept,” Snakefinger himself is completely about music–and is a good deal less creepy too. Feel free to dig […]

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Paper Asset

Paper Asset To the editors: The caliber of “Bull Market” [Our Town, February 20] rivals the better efforts of Mark Russell. It enhances the quality of your paper. I have given copies to four of my friends who are bewildered by this bull market. I labeled it: The Best Market Letter Available. Conwell Higgins Albany, […]

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Talley and Son

TALLEY AND SON Reflections Theatre Ensemble To the casual observer, the Talley family seems to have it all — wealth, high social standing, and a big house. Owners of a local bank, and coowners of a clothing factory doing a booming business supplying uniforms to the Army during World War II, the Talleys appear fortunate […]

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WFMT: Tempest in a Teapot?

To the editors: I was exasperated to read Robert McClory’s almost hysterically overdramatized account of the tempest in a teapot at WFMT [March 20]. As a classical music lover, I appreciate the existence of WFMT, in the same way that, as a reader, I appreciate the existence of the Chicago Public Library. They’re both better […]