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Tom, Jane, and Harold

To the editors: I’ve finally been frustrated enough by your biased and inept reporting to express my own myopic views. In your lead article “Rate the Records: Each Candidate Has Served One Term. Which Deserves Another?” [February 20], you ask the wrong question. Does either candidate deserve another? No, not really. The point, however, is […]

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Killing Game

KILLING GAME Alliance Theatre Company at Igloo, the Theatrical Group Eugene Ionesco’s Killing Game seems to be a brilliant metaphor for the AIDS epidemic. This was not what the playwright intended, of course — the play was first produced in 1970. But if I had wandered into the theater without knowing who wrote this play, […]

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A Yuppie Saved

BLIND DATE **** (Masterpiece) Directed by Blake Edwards Written by Dale Launer Starring Bruce Willis, Kim Basinger, John Larroquette, William Daniels, George Coe, Mark Blum, Phil Hartman, Stephanie Faracy, and Graham Stark. Blake Edwards’s last few films — The Man Who Loved Women (1983), Micki and Maude (1984), A Fine Mess, and That’s Life! (both […]

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Los Lobos–By the Light of the Moon

BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON Los Lobos Slash/Warner Bros. 25523-1 It is late at night, let’s say. The house is as quiet as a moonlit field, but the mind is full of commotion; it’s an ornery, unsatisfied old cuss, and it’s used to its freedom, including the freedom to move about, which has nothing […]

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Man and Superman

MAN AND SUPERMAN Body Politic Theatre Of all human struggles there is none so treacherous and remorseless as the struggle between the artist man and the mother woman. Which shall use up the other? That is the issue between them. And it is all the deadlier because, in your romanticist cant, they love one another. […]

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One Heck of a Cook

Don Rose was upset. One of Chicago’s most authentic Italian chefs had been arrested in connection with a dozen murders in Italy and Rose never got to try his food. Chicago Sun-Times critic Pat Bruno gave the chef’s cooking at the Bravissimo restaurant three and a half stars. The insalata di mare “sang with scintillating […]

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Little Murders

LITTLE MURDERS Cherry Street Theatre Company at the Famous Door It definitely goes against the grain to ask actors to turn themselves into cartoon characters, but that’s the only way to make Jules Feiffer’s Little Murders believable. The sort of play with no motivation more complicated than getting to the next panel, Feiffer’s black 1968 […]

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The Sports Section

Already, baseball has reasserted its rhythm and tempo upon those of us who call ourselves baseball fans. Each year, it seems a little more amazing that we have survived for months without something that now seems so essential. The persistent and echoing cracks and pops of batting practice, the slow building of tension between pitcher […]

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Green Fields

GREEN FIELDS National Jewish Theater at the Frank Theater, Mayer Kaplan Jewish Community Center I may not be an especially good Jew, but G-d knows I’m authentic. I’ve had my bar mitzvah, my confirmation, my wedding under the chupah, my hospital circumcision. My grandfather was an immigrant tailor and my son’s got a head full […]