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Girls Just Want to Get Even

BROKEN MIRRORS ** (Worth seeing) Directed and written by Marleen Gorris With Lineke Rijxman and Henrietta Tol. Suppose you go to a movie with a friend of the opposite sex. Soon your friend is laughing in the most unseemly fashion at humor that leaves you cold, and that furthermore seems calculated to insult anyone of […]

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The Sports Section

The baseball season is off to a strange start, in which opposites collide and throw sparks. In the six games I’ve scored this young season, home runs were a team’s first hit seven times. Now, that includes the Wrigley Field outing of the Montreal Expos’ Bob Sebra, who gave up a homer to Leon Durham […]

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Coming soon: the last neighborhood foreign-language picture show?

The blue-and-yellow Cine Olympia (nee Commodore) stands on Irving Park Road just west of Sacramento. A poster advertises Superman II, the last film (circa 1982) that played here. Further west, at Austin, the Patio theater lies vacant. The marquee announces “Closed for renovation,” which the manager of another theater describes as a euphemism for “We […]

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PINTER/PATTER Stage Left Theatre There are two one-act plays on the evening’s bill: The Patter of Tiny Mice, an original work by local playwright Anne Godden-Segard, and The Lover, a 1963 play by Harold Pinter. The Lover is excellent. The only problem is that you have to sit through the other play first. Wouldn’t you […]

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Adrift in the Celluloid Sea

SWIMMING TO CAMBODIA *** (A must-see) Written by Spalding Gray Directed by Jonathan Demme With Spalding Gray. In Plato’s republic Spalding Gray would be among the first asked to pack his bags. The old Greek could not abide poets, whose art he saw as an imitation of a reality that was already a faint shadow […]