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Adrift in the Celluloid Sea

SWIMMING TO CAMBODIA *** (A must-see) Written by Spalding Gray Directed by Jonathan Demme With Spalding Gray. In Plato’s republic Spalding Gray would be among the first asked to pack his bags. The old Greek could not abide poets, whose art he saw as an imitation of a reality that was already a faint shadow […]

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Two Generous Pieces

RECONSTRUCTING (THE TEMPLE) FROM MEMORY at the Organic Theater CANDYLAND: THE SAGA OF HELEN BRACH AND HER PET POODLE SUGAR at the Organic Theater Reconstructing (the Temple) From Memory is an enormously generous performance piece, yet paradoxically, its generosity doesn’t come cheap. The piece is generous because of the wealth of extraordinary moments it offers; […]

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Full Court Press

To the editors: I’ve read the Jean Peterman story in the January 23rd Reader [“A Woman’s Choice”]. I am not only convinced this battler is essentially right but that the American people are overdue terminating this distressing war over the issue of abortion. Basketball isn’t my game but the term “full court press” suits something […]

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Tub of Art

“It reminds me of being in Canada and going swimming in the middle of the night,” the young man was saying. He was good looking, tousle haired, and had a motorcycle helmet in his hand. His friend–taller, almost spindly–nodded amusement. “That’s true, man, that’s really true.” They were standing in the main room of Feature […]

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Unfinshed Business: The AIDS Show

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: THE AIDS SHOW at Bailiwick Repertory It’s impossible to fault the good intentions that fuel Unfinished Business: The AIDS Show. The cast and production team are working for free; the entire budget has been underwritten by donations from various foundations and individuals; and all box-office proceeds are going to the AIDS Foundation of […]

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The Straight Dope

Are or are not cats and dogs really color-blind? How do they know? –Jim Logan, Chicago You ever see a cat who could pick out a tie? Believe me, cats’ll wear things you wouldn’t put on a dog. But enough with the anecdotal evidence. Scientists usually test animal color sensitivity by trying to link color […]