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The Great Chicago Playwrights Exposition

Those Lincoln Avenue roommates, the Body Politic and Victory Gardens theaters, have lent their two-level performance complex as well as their energies to the task of bringing off this six-week-long 13-playwright showcase for homegrown talents. Productions include two full-length works, three programs of short plays, and a couple of pieces-in-progress (see below for details). Body […]

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The Sports Section

Breakfast at Wimbledon is one of the few television marketing ploys that succeeds on all levels. Wimbledon, of course, is the oldest and most prestigious of tennis’s grand-slam events; its appeal is obvious. Its grass courts reward the most exciting and powerful form of tennis–the serve-and-volley game–while contributing an element of luck the British seem […]

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Big Mouth

To the editors: The Saint Lawrence Seaway does indeed have a big mouth, stretching northeastward from Quebec City. But if Fred Thompson (“The Little Red Book House,” October 17) lived in Saint John, New Brunswick, “at the mouth of the Saint Lawrence Seaway,” the river had a much bigger “mouth” in 1913 than it has […]

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Crazy Priorities

To the editors: I read with extreme interest Robert McClory’s article about militant mental patients [Our Town, May 29]. I am in agreement with his conclusion that there are no easy answers to mentally ill people who need medication to stabilize their lives, and the problems of an uncaring and uninformed society. Let’s consider for […]

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Pedants’ Progress

THE NON-SPIRITUAL IN ART Abstract Painting 1985-???? at 341 W. Superior THE SPIRITUAL IN ART Abstract Painting 1890-1985 at the Museum of Contemporary Art The only way to grasp the significance of a lot of contemporary art is to envision a kind of negative space. The sole purpose that this new work has is to […]

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Two English Guys

WITHNAIL AND I ** (Worth seeing) Directed and written by Bruce Robinson With Richard E. Grant, Paul McGann, Richard Griffiths, and. Ralph Brown. Bruce Robinson, the British screenwriter of The Killing Fields and writer-director of the new comedy Withnail and I, strikes me as an artistic tease. He comes up with fresh, invigorating ideas for […]

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The Straight Dope

Is there any truth to the claim that if you hold your eyelids open while sneezing, your eyes will pop out? I have never mustered the courage to try this, but I’m curious to know. –Trevor Rigler, San Antonio If you want to know something about courage, Trevor, try asking this question of your typical […]

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The City File

What do vinegar, chocolate-covered cherries, cough syrup, toothpaste, and mouthwash have in common? According to the CareUnit of Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital, they’re all consumer products that can contain enough alcohol to knock a recovering alcoholic off the wagon. “We don’t believe the liberal education idea that all opinions are equal,” says Ferd Eggan, director of […]