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The Great Chicago Playwrights Exposition

Those Lincoln Avenue roommates, the Body Politic and Victory Gardens theaters, have lent their two-level performance complex as well as their energies to the task of bringing off this six-week-long 13-playwright showcase for homegrown talents. Productions include two full-length works, three programs of short plays, and a couple of pieces-in-progress (see below for details). Body […]

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Esperanto’s Coming

To the editors: Your article “Anybody Here Speak Esperanto?” [June 26] was an excellent discussion of the subject. However these points should be noted: 1. There are 3,000 languages in the world, and reciprocal noncomprehension causes serious personal and social problems, while it aggravates others. Beginning with Plato, philosophers have advocated a common second language […]

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Cyrano a Send-up?

To the editors: I must say, your film critic Mr. Henry Sheehan seems to know an awful lot about film criticism, but lacks a great deal in his skills of analyzing great plays. In his review of Roxanne in your June 26 issue, he makes some comparisons between Roxanne and Cyrano de Bergerac, the play […]

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Georgie Auld

According to the New York reviews, tenor saxophonist Georgie Auld–whose name’s as guaranteed to ring bells with your parents as it is to leave you in the dark–still sounds fine. There were certainly no complaints a decade ago, when he supplied the music behind Robert De Niro’s fingers in New York, New York; before that, […]

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Bozo the Town

BOZO THE TOWN Practical Theatre Company at the Vic Theatre At the end of his Stagebill biography, Paul Barrosse, the director and one of the stars of Bozo the Town, includes his scouting report: “Bats right, throws right, bad hands. No speed. Can hit. Buoyant.” Maybe. Barrosse is onto something; maybe comedy is like baseball: […]

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Raven Roadway

RAVEN ROADWAY Main Line Productions at the ARC Gallery With Walt Whitman’s “Song of the Open Road” as its unofficial anthem, hitchhiking seems a characteristically American phenomenon, for better or for worse. This democratic faith in the kindness of strangers has been affirmed in novels like On the Road and plays like Peter Hedges’s Oregon–and […]

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The Last Gasp of Romanticism

CHICAGO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA CHICAGO SYMPHONY CHORUS at Ravinia June 26, 1987 The number of musicians needed to perform Arnold Schonberg’s Gurrelieder is so enormous that it is rarely performed. The Chicago Symphony has never done the work in Orchestra Hall, and it has remained for the Ravinia Festival, under James Levine’s baton, to bring this […]

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Light and Lucid

NEW DANCES ’87 Chicago Repertory Dance Ensemble July 10, 1987 When my year-old daughter bounces along to the beat, the pure joy of it splits her face into a grin so big you can see all eight teeth and then some. A similar joy informs the best of “New Dances ’87,” a project of the […]