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Romeo and Juliet

ROMEO AND JULIET Peoples Theatre The wonderful thing about Shakespeare is how he flourishes wherever you plant him. Here’s a Romeo and Juliet played across the street from the Frigid Fluid Company, in a stone courtyard fronting a landscaped Northwestern railroad embankment, where a nearby fruit tree drops an occasional apple into the tragedy, the […]

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The Sports Section

Long and loopy as a Friday night under a full moon, full of commotion but effortlessly quiet, effortlessly quiet but punctuated by the sudden, crisp pock! of bat on ball, large and ever larger into a follow-through in which all tension is for a moment released–except for the muscles in the right hand, which still […]

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Blacklight Film Festival

The sixth edition of this annual festival of black independent film begins this weekend at three locations–the Film Center (Art Institute, Columbus Drive at Jackson, 443-3737), Facets Multimedia Center (1517 W. Fullerton, 281-4114), and the DuSable Museum (740 E. 56th Pl., 947-0600)–and continues through Sunday, August 9. Tickets are $5, $3 for Blacklight members (usual […]

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The Straight Dope

If you’re going to have to eat someone from The Flintstones TV show, it’s gotta be Betty. Why, then, is Betty Rubble the only character missing from bottles of Flintstones chewable vitamins? They’ve got Dino, they’ve even got Fred’s car, for Chrissake, but no Betty! Wilma? Ecch! I’ve had to resort to Pebbles and I […]

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Cyborg, Hero, Lonely Guy

ROBOCOP *** (A must-see) Directed by Paul Verhoeven Written by Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner With Peter Weller, Ronny Cox, Nancy Allen, Daniel O’Herlihy, Kurtwood Smith, and Miguel Ferrer. Tone is one of the most elusive qualities a filmmaker can bring to a picture. You only have to look at a few of this summer’s […]

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The City File

Hey wow, look at the colors! Just in case you were wondering about the Seventh Annual Telluride Mushroom Conference, to be held in Colorado at the end of August, the keynote address will be “Spore Trek: Mushroom Fellow Travelers in Inner and Outer Space.” You may be brilliant, but your drink is the wrong color. […]

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The Rousers

The Rousers, from Madison, Wisconsin, mix 50s rock and roll with traditional country to create raucous roadhouse music perfect for getting drunk to. While there’s nothing all that new about their original material, it’s performed with stirring conviction and the tightness that comes from doing years of three-sets-a-night club dates. Ernie DeMille’s guitar playing is […]

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Suicide in B Flat

SUICIDE IN B FLAT Open City Theatre at the Immediate Theatre A friend of mine who has been working on a play was startled when a fellow playwright asked her a basic question: Why do you want to write a play? She had never thought about it, but to her surprise she was able to […]