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The City File

Lightning apparently caused Commonwealth Edison’s Byron I nuclear power plant to shut down July 29 and July 31, according to the antinuclear Sinnissippi Alliance for the Environment. “This happened once before in 1985,” says SAFE spokesman Stanley Campbell, calling for the plant to be made more lightning-proof. “The utility assured us that it couldn’t happen […]

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Hot Dog

As you come onto Chicago Avenue, you feel that hunger pang and you know it’s a call for just one thing: one of those sauerkraut, pickle, chopped onion, mustard, catsup, hot peppers, green-goop layered hot dogs at Mr. J’s. Forget the fancy stuff; the old-fashioned at $1 is good enough. Mr. J’s is one of […]

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Concertante di Chicago

Concertante di Chicago is a recent entry in the growing roster of specialty ensembles that have enriched (and enlivened) our town’s music life over the past few seasons. The name is derived from the Italian verb concertare, meaning “to get together,” and that’s what these musicians do. Playing without a conductor music that is in […]

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Field & Street

In May of 1972 when Illinois’ first statewide Spring Bird Count was held, 16 parties of Cook County’s best birders spread out over the county and spent an entire day recording all the birds they could find. Among them they managed to discover ten Canada geese. This figure was not considered particularly low. The bugling […]

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Can Laundry Be Sexy?

ODC/SAN FRANCISCO at the Dance Center September 18 and 19, 1987 Clothes figure prominently in Brenda Way’s dances. Not fashion, but clothes–the clothed versus the nude body, the public versus the private person, and even the gestalt of laundry. Way, the founder and artistic director of ODC/San Francisco (originally the Oberlin Dance Collective), offered some […]

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Ill Will

To the editors: Bravo for Ms. Phillips [“Boomed Out,” July 31]. Someone finally had the guts to say it–we are sick of yuppies. I am a 21-year-old college senior. I do not want to read about how to childproof a house or how to find the best money market fund. Yes, we are “boomed out.” […]

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A Room With No View

ORPHANS *** (A must-see) Directed by Alan J. Pakula Written by Lyle Kessler With Albert Finney, Matthew Modine, Kevin Anderson, and John Kellogg. Although the conventional Hollywood wisdom about adapting plays into movies is that plays should be “opened up,” the practical effect of this is often roughly equivalent to letting the air out of […]

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Changing Times

To the editors: Julie Phillips scored a direct and telling hit with her recent article on the residue of the baby boom [July 31]. For the past few years my friends and I have also noted how incredibly boring this older generation has become. The boomers have turned into tyrants in their old age, demanding […]

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Sierra by Sunlight

PAUL SIERRA at Gwenda Klein, Ltd. Cuban-born Paul Sierra, a mild-mannered adman by day and a relentless, somewhat obsessed artist by night, has long been known for his colorful, almost neonlike depictions of nocturnal street life, especially in the tropics. With a striking similarity in style and posture to the post-World War I work of […]