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The Colored Museum

THE COLORED MUSEUM Victory Gardens Theater I am surely just one of many people who eagerly anticipated Victory Gardens’s Chicago premiere of The Colored Museum, George C. Wolfe’s off-Broadway success. There was interest in seeing the play itself–a potentially virtuosic series of performance pieces on the theme of black American images. And there was considerable […]

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Restaurant Tours: surpassing pierogi

In a city where the term Polish restaurant conjures up visions of oilcloth-covered tables, oversized platters piled high with meat, potatoes, and dumplings, iceberg lettuce slathered with bottled dressings, and a rough-and-ready decor in either a storefront or a barnlike enclosure, Mareva’s offers a welcome alternative. Chicago’s newest purveyor of la cuisine polonaise is a […]

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The Sports Section

It wasn’t Ted Williams hitting a home run in his last at-bat, and it wasn’t Babe Ruth hitting three homers in one of his final games, with the Boston Braves. It was, however, the most moving event of this quickly passing baseball season, perhaps the most moving event on the Chicago sports scene this year. […]

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Candied Portraits, Potent Charms

CHICAGO CITY BALLET at the Chicago Theatre JOSEPH HOLMES DANCE THEATRE at the Auditorium Theatre Boosters rarely create great art. Moreover, their efforts usually backfire. And unfortunately the new jazz dance Chicago!, choreographed by Joel Hall for the Chicago City Ballet, does our city a disservice, largely because it tries so hard to serve it. […]

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Moscow Virtuosi

After a prolonged absence, Soviet musicians are once again being allowed to concertize in the U.S. The impressive parade of Russian performers into Chicago began last summer with a recital by the Taneyev Quartet; it continues this week with the appearance of the Moscow Virtuosi. Founded in 1979 by violinist Vladimir Spivakov and consisting of […]

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Chanel Hopping

Chanel opened its One Mag Mile boutique last week–in a corner of the One Mag Mall that had been Stanley Korshak–by hosting a cocktail reception. It attracted the French consul general, the appropriate local glitterati, and several hundred prospective and past customers. The downstairs is a high-gloss rectangle; at its Michigan Avenue border is the […]

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A turf fight in the Valley: Does the medical center have too much power on the west side?

From the western edges of the Loop, the medical center complex along the Eisenhower Expressway looks awesome and foreboding. Its buildings stand as if in a separate, self-contained world of steel-and-concrete slabs, completely detached from the surrounding unvariegated urban sprawl. Even when viewed from the westbound lanes of the expressway, the complex seems remote–like an […]

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Fear of Feminism

FATAL ATTRACTION no stars (Worthless) Directed by Adrian Lyne Written by James Dearden With Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, Anne Archer, Ellen Hamilton Latzen, and Stuart Pankin. “A profoundly uninteresting married yuppie lawyer (Michael Douglas) has a weekend affair with a profoundly uninteresting unmarried yuppie book editor (Glenn Close). The latter proves to be insane and […]

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Rita, Sue and Bob Too

Rita (Siobhan Finneran) and Sue (Michelle Holmes), two teenagers in the north of England who are the best of friends, lose their virginity to Bob (George Costigan), a suburban husband they sometimes baby-sit for, and before long their amicable three-way relationship is scandalizing the neighbors and members of their families, including Bob’s wife Michelle (Lesley […]

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Cantonese director Yim Ho’s delicate and touching film charts the return of Coral (Josephine Koo), an attractive Hong Kong businesswoman in her thirties, to her native village in southern mainland China. Staying with her childhood friend Pearl (Si Quin Gao Wa)–now a school principal married to a farmer, with a daughter-she discovers that her urban […]