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Women’s Work Is Never Done

To the editors: First, I’d like to thank Jackie Stevens [“Reading: The Feminist Mistake,” October 9] for keeping us informed. In the second part of her book review Stevens rightly points out that sex and violence are not equivalent. In the same vein, not all sex is the conventional heterosexual epitome of submissive/dominant ideology that […]

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Young Love

To the editors: I am curious to know why, in your “beach boys” article [“The Boys at the Beach,” August 28], you not only changed the names of the boys, but never mentioned the name changes. Is it that “Mark” is ashamed that his last girlfriend punched him? I am his last girlfriend. I should […]

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Crying for Attention

To the editors: [Re: “Boomed Out,” by Julie Phillips, July 31] Congratulations on finishing school. Its effect on your not so focused story, “Boomed Out,” bottomed out. You write like an angry child without a point. If your sword is aimed at people 40 years old (or so), it missed me. I remember where I […]

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Red Noses

RED NOSES Goodman Theatre When Jerry Falwell quit the PTL Club the other day, he said Jim and Tammy Bakker’s indiscretions amounted to a “scab” and a “cancer” on Christianity–one of the worst in 2,000 years of Church history. He truly said that. Yes he did. Now, it’s no big surprise to see Falwell demonstrating […]

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Los Lobos/Dave Alvin & the All-Nighters

Ordinarily, the prospect of hearing a thousand drunken yuppies chant in a foreign language would drive me away from any concert, but Los Lobos deserves far better than to get branded as this month’s flavor of ethnic party band. The chart-topping “La Bamba” cover deftly substitutes their historically informed majestic resonance for the original’s jittery […]

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Four sax men, without benefit of other instruments, playing committed avant-garde music–and who are, I’m here to tell you, one of the more entertaining groups around. For some listeners, this stems from the unusual instrumentation; beneath the “novelty,” though, ROVA brilliantly explores the balance between improvisation and composition, between the individual and the group, and […]

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Bob Marsh

When he’s not busy with local dance/pop group the Way Moves, Bob Marsh travels his own road making weird, giddy music that evokes a world cracked in pieces, or better yet, life as seen from the interior of a padded cell. While his work can be every bit as jagged and beat-heavy as your average […]

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SEDUCED Immediate Theatre Company Sam Shepard must have been listening to Randy Newman’s Sail Away when he wrote Seduced. Some of the album’s songs are ordered in the stage directions; and the ones he didn’t use resonate in the play’s world. Like these lines from “The Dream I Had Last Night”: I saw a vampire […]

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South-side hardball: black residents and white bankers team up in a $20 million investment agreement

Robert Teresko, president of the Beverly Bank, smiles stiffly and looks nervous as he walks into the conference room to face the public and sign the agreement. “This agreement establishes a good working relationship between community and bank,” Teresko begins. “Through our discussion, we’ve come up with unique products that will benefit the entire market […]

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Byther Smith

Byther “Smitty” Smith, long the house guitarist at the legendary Theresa’s Lounge on the south side, combines a fiery guitar attack with a voice that’s as intense and darkly emotional as any on the contemporary scene, and to which the minor key shuffles he favors bring a heightened sense of urgency. Although Smitty has been […]

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Addicted to Blood

NEAR DARK *** (A must-see) Directed by Kathryn Bigelow With Adrian Pasdar, Jenny Wright, and Lance Henriksen. Well, the leaves may be turning wondrous shades of red and gold, but the real proof that autumn is here is that we’re once again being swamped by a flood of horror pictures. They show up in a […]

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SNOW Stormfield Theatre Company and Pegasus Players There are two really important lines in Snow: “Long live the revolution!” (delivered by Lenin, usually while standing on a table) and “But it was already [pause] too late” (Trotsky, in an aside to the audience). I know these lines are important because they’re repeated so often. I […]