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Who’ll Save the Plowboy?

WHO’LL SAVE THE PLOWBOY? Kinetic Theatre Company at Centre East Studio Bad poetry awakens the reader to the virtues of good poetry. Only after you’ve experienced what doesn’t work do you begin to understand what does. That’s why the Kinetic Theatre’s woefully inept production of Who’ll Save the Plowboy? is a must see for aspiring […]

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Bad-Rapping Jazz Lovers

To the editors: Salim Muwakkil’s “Pop: I’m Bad, Therefore I Am” [January 22] reveals a confused and contradictory attitude towards jazz. On the one hand, in describing the musical tastes of the “black bourgeoisie,” he notes that “jazz has become an exclusively aural art form; dancing is not allowed. (Jazz began as dance music. But […]

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Pressure to Fail

To the editors: Thank you for making the plight of thousands of Chicago teachers known in the article [“Three Teachers Talking,” January 22]. Few items in the media mention the strong community, peer, and parental pressure that exists to prevent Chicago Public School children from achieving success. You might like to take a journalistic look […]

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Send in the Hicks

THE STICK WIFE Victory Gardens Theater I’m sure Beth Henley’s a very nice person, but I do wish she’d get out of my face. It was Henley who wrote Crimes of the Heart, a comedy about three deeply disturbed daughters of the deep south and their rather pixilated–if sometimes murderous–approach to the world. Henley won […]

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Three Teachers Slurring

To the editors: (Re: “Three Teachers Talking,” by Elizabeth Blanchard, January 22.) This travesty passing for journalism, though it may have provided the obligatory sexual buzz one expects when reading hot dirt about minorities, nevertheless is a powerful example of what Eugene Miller of the Miami Herald denounces as an insidious practice gaining popularity in […]

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Boob Tubers

A few things you might not know if you nil missed the recent Couch Potato Convention at the Lincolnwood Hyatt: (1) There are 12 types of TV twins. So says Dr. Gregory Young, a psychiatrist who has devised a system of television enlightenment that consists of finding the television character you most resemble, then watching […]

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Unwarranted Heaviness

THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING ** (Worth seeing) Directed by Philip Kaufman Written by Kaufman and Jean-Claude Carriere With Daniel Day-Lewis, Juliette Binoche, Lena Olin, Derek de Lint, Erland Josephson, Pavel Landovsky, Donald Moffat, and Daniel Olbrychski. Before we are forgotten, we will be turned into kitsch. Kitsch is the stopover between being and oblivion. […]

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School Suggestions

To the editors: Elizabeth Blanchard’s piece [“Three Teachers Talking,” January 22] highlighted problems in the morale of teachers and the situation of their work. The situation is beyond our control; teachers might do a better job on another set of kids, but we need this set of kids educated. Morale, however, could be improved by […]