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While it lacks the range and analytical bite of his previous Images of Germany (1983), Hartmut Bitomsky’s 1986 feature documentary about the enormous auto route built by the Nazis does create some interesting reflections on this massive and monumental project. Alternating archival footage of the construction and contemporary interviews with some of the workers with […]

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The Radio Play

THE RADIO PLAY Econo-Art Theatre Company This new play by Gunnar Branson and Marc Silvia has a lot going for it–a warmhearted and detailed script about a 1940 radio broadcast (much like The 1940’s Radio Hour), a sharp and energetic ten-member cast, and the right screwball pacing to make it work. Unfortunately, The Radio Play […]

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Malignancy Plays

ENEMIES OF THE MOON Theatre of the Reconstruction There’s something malignant in the world–Orlando, the torturer, in Maria Irene Fornes’s The Conduct of Life Watch me now: I’m about to Discern a Trend. It has to do with all these plays I’ve been seeing lately in which some horror, some awful foreign thing, makes its […]

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110 in the Shade

110 IN THE SHADE Apple Tree Theatre Company When 110 in the Shade made its Broadway debut early in the 1963-64 season, observers watched it closely to see whether its creators, the songwriting team of Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt, could work as effectively in the large style of Broadway musicals as they had in […]

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Marianne Faithful–Strange Weather

STRANGE WEATHER Marianne Faithfull Island Records 90613-1 Most rock crits wear the mantle of infallibility like Superman’s bulletproof long johns. Their year-end lists have a particularly definitive ring: “I’ve listened to ’em all, and these are the best that be” is the accepted subtext of such December tallies. But inevitably, come January, I wind up […]

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Yes, weird ‘n’ arty they is, but the Wallets also know how to funk it up. Leader/frontman/accordionist Steve Kramer pens songs that show off his ear for catchy, off-kilter funk and rock riffs, and “sings” his elliptical lyrics in a voice that somehow sounds bland and compelling at the same time. The other Wallets, impeccable […]

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American Ballet Theatre

AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE at the Auditorium Theatre February 2-13, 1988 American Ballet Theatre has shown that Pillar of Fire, Antony Tudor’s narrative, “psychological” ballet acclaimed as a masterpiece at its debut in 1942, has lost none of its dramatic power. Its poignance, searing exploration of sexual frustration and guilt, insight into the human spirit, and […]

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Calendar of Offense

To the editors: I was very offended by Achy Obejas’s calendar listing for Shalom ’88 [February 5]. It was snide and inappropriate. Is this kind of biased comment necessary for the calendar section? And was this nasty irony actually supposed to be a recommendation!? This juxtaposition of Palestinian broken bones and a dance concert was […]

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Billy Branch

Harmonica player Billy Branch studied under the greats–Junior Wells, Carey Bell, the late Big Walter Horton–but he has honed a style that is much more than simply derivative of his mentors. Billy has surrounded himself with young musicians who can play traditional Chicago blues and contemporary R and B styles with equal facility, and the […]