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Sammy and Rosie Get Laid

This comes from the same director (Stephen Frears), writer (Hanif Kureishi), and producers (Tim Bevan and Sarah Radclyffe) who gave us My Beautiful Laundrette, and roughly speaking, this lively film about social and political turmoil in Thatcher England bears the same relationship to that earlier film as Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip had […]

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The Sports Section

The Minnesota Twins’ victory over the Saint Louis Cardinals should go down in history as the Bill James World Series. “Home-field advantage” and “playing the percentages” were baseball cliches before James was born, but it was James, throughout this decade, who brought “home-road differential” and batting averages against lefties and righties, on grass and on […]

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Carl and Lilian

Before meeting Margaret Sandburg I was more than a little nervous about talking with the daughter of one of the great American poets of the century. A woman of such an impressive pedigree–not only is Carl her father but also the photographer Edward Steichen is her uncle–would surely be a formidable personality. To my surprise, […]

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Tom Waits

After grunting into the same bottle of gin for years, the prince of the paupers has turned his world-weary beat-hip method of acting into good-to-great art by causing wildly disparate cultures to collide on his turf. Fronting your everyday, average strip joint/jazzbo/expressionist/mariachi/polka/cabaret/guerrilla-theater/blues band, Waits and his touchingly goulish cast of brown-bag philosopher-kings have the acuity […]

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Women’s Roles

THREE WHO TRAVELLED Conceived and directed by Kathleen Maltese, Donna Mandel, and Patricia Pelletier at MoMing Dance & Arts Center October 15-18, 23-25 Three Who Travelled, a world premiere dance/performance piece produced by MoMing and the performance company Fluid Measure, offered a tantalizing but at times confusing vision of the lives of three imaginary sisters. […]

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The Winter’s Tale

THE WINTER’S TALE Chicago Shakespeare Company at the Saint Ignatius Auditorium I sat front row center. I almost never do that, but when we took our seats there were only two other people in the audience, and what with the open seating, and plenty of it, what the hell. Later, several more people showed up, […]

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Fred Frith & Hans Reichel

The career of guitarist/composer Fred Frith has taken him all over the place; once a member of British fusion unit Henry Cow, he’s since worked with Material, Brian Eno, the Golden Palominos, Skeleton Crew, and others (his most recent stop being Live, Love, Larf & Loaf, a nifty LP collaboration with Richard Thompson, Henry Kaiser, […]

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A Pretty Fair Classic

To the editors: I didn’t believe Jonathan Rosenbaum’s review of Fatal Attraction [October 2]. I mean in the literal sense. I just didn’t believe him, the reviewer. I kept getting the feeling that he, too, was caught up by the movie–didn’t like the reasons why–so set about to trash it by using some really specious […]

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Ethereal Girl

WHO’S THAT GIRL ** (Worth seeing) Directed by James Foley With Madonna, Griffin Dunne, Haviland Morris, John McMartin, and John Mills. The current spate of recycled movies is only the latest stage in a process that has been in force for almost three decades, ever since the French New Wave launched the idea of a […]