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Amelia Lives!

AMELIA LIVES! Fusion Theatre Group at the Chicago Actors Project Freud said an uncompleted task is never forgotten. Nor, clearly, is an uncompleted life. If famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart hadn’t disappeared in flight on July 3, 1937, somewhere off Howland Island in the South Pacific, she’d be a lot less than a legend today. Amelia’s […]

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Three-Piece Hoot

SNEAKY FEELINGS Remains Theatre Ensemble Think you can enjoy comedy without a two-drink minimum? Not particularly worried if it doesn’t change your life? Can you manage to sit still for a couple hours? Then check it out. Sneaky Feelings (whatever that means) is a triple bill of one-act comedies including The Author’s Voice by Richard […]

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Dim Wits, Small Potatoes

BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY * (Has redeeming facet) Directed by James Bridges Written by Jay McInerney With Michael J. Fox, Kiefer Sutherland, Swoosie Kurtz, Phoebe Cates, Frances Sternhagen, Tracy Pollan, Jason Robards, John Houseman, Dianne Wiest, and William Hickey. Considering the thinness of Jay McInerney’s 1984 best-seller, one might imagine that the movie version would […]

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Bruce Connor and the Cinema of “Found Footage”

An interesting parallel to Hollywood’s recycling mania is the much more fruitful phenomenon of the “found footage” film–a practice within independent cinema of working creatively with already existing film footage. In recent years, many of the most inventive experimental filmmakers in the U.S. from Ken Jacobs to Leslie Thornton have worked in this mode, but […]

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Show Business

Everything about A-1 Entertainment and Concessions is big. Their offices and warehouses are on Ashland, a big street. They have four 21,000-square-foot warehouses. They rent out big equipment for big parties and carnivals: dunk tanks, moon walks, hot-pretzel machines, popcorn carts, huge tanks of helium. They organize big parties. Howard Zusel, the president of A-1, […]

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The Tower of the Seven Hunchbacks

This 1944 film alone, reportedly the most personal of its director, Edgar Neville–an aristocratic Republican filmmaker and writer who was friends with everyone from Lorca and Chaplin to Ortega y Gasset and Lacan–suggests that Neville is one of the great undiscovered auteurs of the Spanish cinema. This remarkable turn-of-the-century fantasy, which suggests an eerie encounter […]

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Anna Christie

ANNA CHRISTIE Next Theatre Company A curious pattern is beginning to emerge this season at the Next Theatre Company. Three times in a row, the ensemble has taken on a tedious script and proceeded to give it a terrific production, as though daring the material to undo the performers’ talent. The first–a musical adaptation, Goblin […]

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Calendar Photo Caption

According to the exhibition “Young America: A Folk Art History,” photography is a form of folk art, too. The show, which includes this photo snapped by S.N. Birdsall in 1909 entitled Miss Todd in the Cockpit of a Plane, also includes paintings, textiles, and sculpture; it runs through April 24 at the Terra Museum of […]

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Bad Medecine

To the editors: Dr. John P. Quinn’s letter (in the February 26 issue) criticizing the January 22 article on environmental illness and candida is a classic example of the proverbial blind men examining the elephant, each with his own slant, finding what he is familiar with. When will such doctors stop hiding their ignorance behind […]