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100 Citizens Squawking

To the editors: An article by Elizabeth Blanchard [“Three Teachers Talking”] in the Reader; dated January 22, 1988 was very offensive to the Hispanic community, its students and educators. The article was read by well over 100 persons, all of whom manifested their deeply hurt community pride at a couple of meetings where a decision […]

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Pride and Prejudice

To the editors: I was chief medical officer on an Illinois Guard rotation to Honduras in April, 1987. Predictably, there was no mention in your article [“Why Are We in Honduras?” March 11] that the assignment was completely voluntary and that we were unarmed. Predictably, there was scant mention of the Honduran lives we saved, […]

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Human Interest

To the editors: I’ve been enjoying your feature articles for some time now, but I was compelled to send this note to let your writer, Florence Levinsohn, know how much I enjoyed her recent story on Vernon Jarrett (3/25/88). The story was interesting, moving and inspirational. I’m sure Ms. Levinsohn enjoyed her interview with Mr. […]

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The Sports Section

The period just before opening day was a time of gloom and doom for Chicago’s baseball teams–especially for the White Sox. Not only did no one pick them higher than fifth in the American League West, but most large-circulation magazines–where the supposed experts weigh in–picked them last. Meanwhile, the papers were rife with rumors that […]

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Critical Daze

To the editors: School Daze is a “masterpiece,” huh? Reviewer David Ehrenstein has got to be kidding in giving it four stars (March 18). Just because, as he says, blacks are oppressed and white people aren’t interested in black people at all doesn’t mean that a film about black people from a black perspective ought […]

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They Might Be Giants

On the other hand, they might be geeks. They Might Be Giants is two endearingly nerdy guys from Hoboken who enjoy messing with accordions and drum machines almost as much as they enjoy messing with your mind. You expect songs with titles like “Youth Culture Killed My Dog,” “Everything Right Is Wrong Again,” and “Alienations […]

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Mysterious Motives

MELO **** (Masterpiece) Directed by Alain Resnais Written by Henry Bernstein With Andre Dussollier, Sabine Azema, Pierre Arditi, and Fanny Ardant. The exquisite art of Melo, like the art of Alain Resnais in general, bears a certain resemblance to sculpture: it needs to be seen from several different vantage points if one is to fully […]

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Comedy and Errors

3 GUYS NAKED FROM THE WAIST DOWN Actor’s Repertory Theatre at the Broadway Arts Center 3 Guys is a show-biz musical about a team of three stand-up comedians. You see them onstage and offstage. You follow their careers from obscurity to stardom to disillusionment. Along the way, you see them perform some very funny routines, […]

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Festival of Animation

This varied collection of shorts represents a certain improvement over the International Tournee of Animation in terms of overall quality. An organization based in La Jolla called Mellow Madness has put it together, and after many successful years on the west coast is taking the show on the road, in competition with the International Tournee. […]

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It was the middle of the night. There were only a few of us waiting for the train, huddled under the electric lamps trying to catch a little bit of heat and get out of the way of the wind. The Belmont el stop was quiet for a change. The clubs had already been closed […]