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Moving the Big Cats

Afghanistan leopard. Panthera pardus saxicolor. Less than 50 in captivity. Survival in nature in doubt. Nouri the leopard can see it coming. She cowers behind the leafless, in fact branchless, tree in her cage in the lion house at the Lincoln Park Zoo. She sees the cart loaded with the vet’s boxes, which look more […]

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Mad Critic Blues

To the editors: They say there’s no accounting for taste, but there should be an accounting for bald-faced ignorance, prejudice, and bad temper on the part of critics. Tom Valeo in his review of the Theatre of the Reconstruction’s current production makes himself out to be some kind of authority on Sam Shepard, but he […]

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The City File

“People am no longer ashamed of their trash,” crows Carl Youngberg, director of “epicure programs” at Neiman-Marcus. This year the store’s new plastic garbage bags are a light green (which N-M shoppers pay to be able to call “paradise jade”). If the 13-gallon size isn’t enough for you, send your servants out for the 33-gallon […]

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Cardiff Giant’s Comedy Sideshow

CARDIFF GIANT’S COMEDY SIDESHOW Cardiff Giant Stage Co. at the Roxy An honest, humble title, Comedy Sideshow–and accurate. As big-top fare it’s no great shakes, but as an ancillary act on the Midway of Mirth it’s more than OK. The Cardiff Giant Stage Co. says it “lives on the border between ensemble comedy and experimental […]

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Les McCann & Eddie Harris

It’s been 19 years since keyboardist Les McCann and saxman Eddie Harris first joined forces at the Montreux Jazz Festival–an occasion preserved on the wildly popular LP Swiss Movement–so it’s about time to try it again, don’t you think? The success of that first pairing was dependent on individual strengths: each is a showman, and […]

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A Bankable Feast

BABETTE’S FEAST ** (Worth seeing) Directed and written by Gabriel Axel With Stephane Audran, Jean-Philippe Lafont, Gudmar Wivesson, Jarl Kulle, Hanne Stensgard, Bodil Kjer, Vibeke Hastrup, and Birgitte Federspiel. Only when she had lost what had constituted her life, her home in Africa and her lover, when she had returned home to Rungstedlund a complete […]

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Four Portraits of Mothers

FOUR PORTRAITS OF MOTHERS Fusion Theatre Group at Raven Theatre Arnold Wesker’s Four Portraits of Mothers consists of four monologues on the theme of motherhood. In a desperate attempt to report some favorable news about this production, I’m afraid all I can say is that the show is over in less than an hour. Also, […]

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Field & Street

The call of the upland sandpiper is one of the eeriest sounds in nature. A long wailing whistle that rises and then falls, it has been called as sad as a November wind, and indeed it does sound more like the wind than the cry of an animal. Sometimes the bird delivers its lonely cry […]