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Poetry Corner

To the editors: Psychopoetica is not without flaws in its documentation of human fears (Where is a poem about being afraid of catching AIDS? Now that’s scary) but any show which tries to cover such a huge subject in such a short time is doomed from the beginning. Still, some things about Achy Obejas’ review […]

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Zotti’s Taste

To the editors: Who is this chap Ed Zotti, and what qualifies him to hand out the gold medal in the Chicago Public Library design competition? (Reader, June 10.) Zotti seems to know his technical details well. He is sadly lacking though in taste, and shows a conspicuous dislike for daring and innovative design. Zotti’s […]

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MACONDO Dreiske Performance Company at the Ivanhoe Theater Nicole Dreiske bills herself as “internationally recognized as a major force in 20th-century theatre and education.” She also claims to have directed, taught, and/or toured her productions at either 200 or 500 (her accounts of her accomplishments conflict on this point) theaters and universities across the globe. […]

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Women on Top

PAL JOEY Goodman Theatre When Pal Joey opened on Broadway in 1940, it was a controversial breakthrough: not only because of the show’s adult tone and seamy subject matter, but because (in the words of New York Herald-Tribune critic Richard Watts Jr.) it was “the only Broadway girl-and-music show I can recall in which the […]

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Barbara Cook

When Barbara Cook was in Chicago earlier this year, she was anticipating a return to Broadway in a new musical. Well, Carrie has come and gone–Cook starred as the telekinetic teenager’s Bible-thumping mama in the ill-fated show’s English premiere, but dropped out before it opened in New York (where it became the costliest failure in […]

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When Worlds Collide

WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT **** (Masterpiece) Directed by Robert Zemeckis Written by Jeffrey Price and Peter Seaman With Bob Hoskins, Joanna Cassidy, Christopher Lloyd, Stubby Kaye, Alan Tilvern, and the voices of Charles Fleischer and Kathleen Turner. Imagine, if you can, that the characters who appear in animated cartoons actually exist. A repressed minority and […]

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A Dance Against Darkness

A DANCE AGAINST DARKNESS Afternoon Fine Arts League at Reflections Theatre The AIDS epidemic was rather late in hitting Chicago in full force, compared to its impact on other major cities–the result, mainly, of this not being an international seaport. Chicagoans were hearing about AIDS, both in the news and through creative arts efforts, before […]

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High Season

Clare Peploe’s accomplished and intelligent first feature is a sunny tale of expatriates set on the Greek island of Rhodes, with a cast of characters and a set of crisscrossing destinies that occasionally suggest Graham Greene in one of his happier moods. The people include a talented professional photographer (Jacqueline Bisset) faced with the possibility […]

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NEBRASKA Bailiwick Repertory I recently interviewed an evangelical preacher who has founded an extremely successful church near Chicago. Every weekend 12,000 people flock to hear him speak, and 4,000 return for the Wednesday night service. His church’s budget is balanced by more than $7 million in contributions from the congregation. There’s talk of doubling the […]