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Little Caesar

LITTLE CAESAR Organic Theater I can’t recall if I’ve ever seen the movie Little Caesar, which came out in 1930 and starred Edward G. Robinson as Rico. And I’m certain I never read the novel by William Burnett. But the story of a brutal thug who campaigns to become Chicago’s gangster chieftain is familiar. The […]

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A Mason’s Grace

To the editors: Cecil Adams’ column of 3-11-88 belied its title. What he provided was not The Straight Dope on Masonry but rather a rehash of tired old slanders against a commendable institution. Considering the size of your circulation, that was patently unfair. Had Mr. Adams done even the most basic research (e.g. one trip […]

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Our Intelligent Audiences

To the editors: I think your capsule description of James Sherman’s new play [The Escape Artist, Reader’s Guide to Theater May 27] is “completely awful”! First of all what is the point of your anonymous reviewer describing Sherman’s previous play, The God of Isaac, as awful but successful. Is it just to demonstrate that Sherman […]

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CHICAGO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA at Orchestra Hall June 16 and 21 Leonard Bernstein’s 70th birthday is coming up, and his recent appearances with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra have occasioned many ringing praises–in the press, at Orchestra Hall, and at a $75-a-plate birthday dinner at the Museum of Science and Industry. The performances themselves, however, made it […]

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This Ain’t No Love-In

To the editors: Patricia Stoll, in an article regarding the recent confrontation at UIC during the celebration of Israel’s Independence Day, apparently has the simplistic view that the Palestinian Arab-Israeli conflict is merely a repeat of the civil rights movement in the sixties [“Demonstration,” May 6]. Stoll states that she is “for peace” and “for […]

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Hugh Leonard’s adaptation of his autobiographical play of the same title, partially based in turn on his book Home Before Night, offers a charming mix of childhood memoir and speculative wish fulfillment. An Irish playwright living in New York (Martin Sheen) returns to Ireland to attend the funeral of his father (Barnard Hughes), and then […]

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A Gathering of Scots

It seemed an inauspicious day to be wearing a kilt: hot and sunny, with highs in the 90s. Yet there stood a bearded young man in a heavy woolen green-patterned tartan kilt, tam-o’-shanter, tweed jacket with white cuffs peeking from the sleeves, thick woolen knee socks with garters, and a swath of plaid cloth pinned […]

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Fred Simon Group

Fred Simon is (a) a committed composer who draws equally from jazz, the Beatles, and European impressionism for his inspiration; (b) a strong pianist, with Keith Jarrett sitting on one shoulder and Joni Mitchell on the other; (c) an improviser whose skills continue to sharpen with each new project. After a decade of Chicago visibility […]