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Gaping Holes

To the editors. The July I Reader article called “Child in the Streets”, may succeed as Faulknerian literature, but it does not succeed as journalism at any level. First of all the only audience who could possibly understand what Timothy went through as a child of the streets would be the Reader’s gay audience. The […]

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Madras Parables

MADRAS PARABLES Curious Theater Branch at Cabaret Voltaire, Cabaret Voltaire is a clean, well-lit coffeehouse at Elston and Cortland, just west of the river. Aside from some very bad (and some not so bad) paintings on the wall, it’s surprisingly homey and unpretentious. As is Madras Parables, which is playing in the back room. Madras […]

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When Bad Films Happen to Good Actors

MIDNIGHT RUN ** (Worth seeing) Directed by Martin Brest Written by George Gallo With Robert De Niro, Charles Grodin, Yaphet Kotto, John Ashton, and Dennis Farina. There’s a certain unavoidable imposture in the way critics (and the Academy Awards) generally break commercial movies into constituent parts and distinct contributions. To do this is to assume, […]

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Buster Benton

Buster Benton scored big locally with his gospel-tinged “Lonesome for a Dime” a few years back; it remains his signature tune, and the perfect vehicle for his gritty-sweet voice and deceptively passionate, insinuating leads. Although Buster hasn’t been able to duplicate the commercial success of “Lonesome,” his live performances consistently resonate with deep blues feeling […]

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Choreography Collections

NEW DANCES ’88 Chicago Repertory Dance Ensemble and guest artists at Ruth Page Foundation July 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, and 23 Hatchlings resemble their parents, and most of the works premiered in the Chicago Repertory Dance Ensemble’s choreographic incubator New Dances, now in its sixth year, share the ensemble’s virtues and vices: its careful […]

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A War at Home

PRECIOUS SONS Pegasus Players Precious Sons takes place in 1949, and it could very well have been written in or around that year, too. Funny, harrowing, and very moving, George Furth’s memory play is filled with echoes of All My Sons, Death of a Salesman, The Country Girl, The Shrike, and especially The Glass Menagerie–products […]

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Dance and More for $1.98

DANCE AND MORE FOR $1.98 MoMing Dance & Arts Center July 15, 16, and 17 This second week of new choreographic works at MoMing provided frustratingly disappointing fare. The six pieces tended to wander aimlessly and often endlessly. The artists, while exploring interesting ideas and intriguing images for the most part, seemed unable to structure […]

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One minute I’m looking out at the oppressive Saturday afternoon sky, thinking that rain never falls on Chicago anymore, even when it looks like it will. Extended forecast: hellish; 99 percent chance of perspiration. The next minute–as though someone shouted “Action!”–fat drops are plunging down onto the street, bouncing and glittering like a cascade of […]