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Joanne Brackeen Quartet

The German jazz authority Joachim Berendt has called pianist Joanne Brackeen “the first representative of a new type of female jazz musician, who does not merely talk about emancipation but is emancipated”; I suppose the proof of that statement lies in the fact that the issue of her being a woman in a man’s world […]

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Recommended by Doctors

To the editors: Your recent article “The Yeast of Our Problems” [January 22] attracted widespread attention and did address the problem fairly and honestly as well as comprehensively. Many of my patients noticed an article on Allergy and Allergists in Consumer Reports a few weeks previously but even many more asked me if I had […]

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The Straight Dope

I hope you’ll be able to solve the mystery behind eelskin wallets and their supposed ability to demagnetize my automatic bank teller card, rendering it completely useless. After going through four new plastic cards in as many weeks, I complained to the bank and was told that I was either (1) exposing them to excessive […]

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Nightlife and the Library

To the editors: While on a recent visit to my home town Chicago, catching up on local architectural gossip, I saw the proposals for the new Chicago Public Library [“One for the Books,” June 10]. Despite the elegant renderings and presentations, one point seems inescapable: None of the architects has addressed the simple problem of […]

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The City File

Block that metaphor! Handcuff that surgeon! From a recent release by Main Line Productions on North Halsted: “Our purpose is to throw off the staggering shackles of the American Dream and see what monsters they have birthed. Punk Expressionism is our key to the sub-conscious. . . . We use Punk as our tool in […]

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Here’s to Hard Workers

To the editors: I appreciated “Gun Man,” by Bryan Miller [July 8]. I particularly appreciated the analysis of Mr. Zangrilli’s ultimate goals (i.e., whether he is devoted to civil rights and sees the right to own a handgun as a civil right, or whether he is devoted to the right to own a handgun and […]

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The Sports Section

Last Sunday there was unfamiliar crispness to air; it gave one room to breathe for the first time, it seemed, in months. The sun was bright, and the sky was visibly blue. Wispy clouds rose far north along the lakeshore. As we sat in the upper deck reading the media notes for the day, we […]

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Gaping Holes

To the editors. The July I Reader article called “Child in the Streets”, may succeed as Faulknerian literature, but it does not succeed as journalism at any level. First of all the only audience who could possibly understand what Timothy went through as a child of the streets would be the Reader’s gay audience. The […]

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Madras Parables

MADRAS PARABLES Curious Theater Branch at Cabaret Voltaire, Cabaret Voltaire is a clean, well-lit coffeehouse at Elston and Cortland, just west of the river. Aside from some very bad (and some not so bad) paintings on the wall, it’s surprisingly homey and unpretentious. As is Madras Parables, which is playing in the back room. Madras […]

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When Bad Films Happen to Good Actors

MIDNIGHT RUN ** (Worth seeing) Directed by Martin Brest Written by George Gallo With Robert De Niro, Charles Grodin, Yaphet Kotto, John Ashton, and Dennis Farina. There’s a certain unavoidable imposture in the way critics (and the Academy Awards) generally break commercial movies into constituent parts and distinct contributions. To do this is to assume, […]