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Dixieland Daimyo

The 36th film of Japanese filmmaker Kihachi Okamoto, based on a story by Japanese black humorist Yasutaka Tsutsui, stages a weird and anachronistic encounter between three ex-slaves, who are all jazz musicians, en route to Africa just after the Civil War. They are shipwrecked in 19th-century Japan during a country-wide conflict between the Tokugawa shogun […]

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The City File

“Green Chicago teaches people how to make gardens on rubble-filled vacant lots,” according to the Chicago Horticultural Society’s Garden Talk (July 1988). “Since the program began in 1982, Green Chicago coordinator Becky Severson has directly helped 19 groups start their own community gardens.” The groups are chosen “on the basis of need and ability.” GC […]

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The Sports Section

There was no batting practice before last Friday night’s White Sox game. Instead, there was a softball-hitting contest. So while the softball players gathered in the outfield in their patchwork uniforms, before the doors were opened to the small crowd gathering outside, an occasional member or two of the White Sox strolled out onto the […]

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More on Mark Twain

To the editors. I’ve enjoyed very much Mr. Robert Hurwitt’s critique on Mark Twain’s Letters, Volume 1: 1853-1866, in fact, on Mark Twain, Reader [“Reading: Semisincerely, Mark Twain,” July 8]. As I’ve taken graduate college courses on Mark Twain and read all his works, except his lectures (shows that were on the regular billboard of […]

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CTA People

To the editors: Tell Ron Weslow I’ll buy him a super transfer any time [“The Happiest Guy in the Whole CTA,” July 29]. Chicago has at least two people who really like the CTA! Maybe more, as one third of the households in this city do not have a car. I haven’t owned a car […]

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Lish Fulfillment

To the editors. Sharon Solwitz, in the 10 June issue of the Reader, wrote an interesting article, “The Gospel According to Gordon Lish.” Gospel is something that doesn’t change. Those of us who work with Gordon know that he is always changing, that he respects most what is unique and different. Sharon Solwitz refers to […]

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Nasty boys: Clifton-Belmont neighbors want their block back

Night after night, week after week, voices tore the thick summer air and crashed through bedroom windows all along the block. “Hey motherfucker gimme that you dumb motherfucker.” ‘Who you be callin’ a motherfucker?” “You you motherfuckin’ motherfucker.” And then, together, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.” The voices, most deep, a few still cracking, belonged to teenage boys. They […]