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Got a Match?

They’re known as “phillumenists” or “lovers of light.” They’re also known as the Windy City Matchbook Club, and they meet, religiously, on the first Sunday of every month at the Indian Boundary Park field house to indulge in what is said to be the world’s largest hobby next to stamp collecting: collecting match covers and […]

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Laura Nyro, cured and content

The woman leading the rock band at the Vic last Friday seemed a most unlikely candidate for pop stardom. Overweight, plain, quiet, eccentrically dressed in a style that was part beatnik and part suburban shopper, she sat at her electric piano, never getting up to prance or dance around the stage the way a pop […]

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Horse Players

The four were big men–almost too big for the chairs they sprawled on inside the Wendy’s on Jackson–and their cartridge belts with their pistols, nightsticks, and handcuffs added to their girth. They were studying their racing programs and occasionally glanced out the windows at the crowd that had gathered outside the new off-track betting parlor. […]

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Dianne Reeves

Her first LP revealed your basic pop-jazz-soul chanteuse, albeit one blessed by an unusually strong and flexible set of pipes; her second, titled simply Dianne Reeves (the first Blue Note album by a vocalist that I can recall) proved the lady might become a serious jazz singer, too. Carmen, Sarah, and Betty can rest secure […]

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60s Wisdom

CANDY MOUNTAIN *** (A must-see) Directed by Robert Frank and Rudy Wurlitzer Written by Wurlitzer With Kevin J. O’Connor, Harris Yulin, Tom Waits, Bulle Ogier, Roberts Blossom, Leon Redbone, and Dr. John. Is it my imagination, or has “60s” become less of a dirty word lately? Appearances can be deceptive, but in recent movies as […]

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Take Time to Listen

TAKE TIME TO LISTEN Theatre Collective at Chicago Actors Project Much attention has been given to the physical and sexual abuse of children–a virulent epidemic in our society, the evidence indicates. The Theatre Collective’s Take Time to Listen, a short–just over an hour long–evening of playlets and poetry, explores a more subtle phenomenon: the psychological […]

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Tucker: The Man and His Dream

Francis Coppola’s stylish and heartfelt tribute to the innovative automobile designer Preston Thomas Tucker turns out to be one of his most personal and successful movies. While the tone throughout is basically light, the overall treatment–including effective uses of 40s decor, big band music, charismatic performances, and zippy pacing–makes it euphoric. Coppola’s own personal investment […]

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The Straight Dope

On page 11 of your book The Straight Dope, you mention that Russian scientists are trying to clone a mammoth from preserved cells. Sorry, but this story originated as an April Fools’ joke in Technology Review magazine, published at MIT. A student in a science writing class submitted a convincing but entirely bogus account of […]