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The Sports Section

High, up above, in the lights of Comiskey Park, the nighthawks glided, flapped rapidly, twisted, fluttered, swung to the left, feeding on the varied bugs attracted by the lights, glided but did not relax, ascended, dove down, refused to accept the ease of flight and fought the air, flapping, for every inch of motion, did […]

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The Suicide

THE SUICIDE BDI Theater Company at the Commons Theater Back in 1932, after 18 months of rehearsal, Vsevolod Meyerhold’s production of Nikolai Erdman’s The Suicide was abruptly canceled during dress rehearsal. The play made fun of the state, and Stalin wasn’t amused. Well, after seeing the current production, I can’t say I was all that […]

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Strong Leadership

ISRAEL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA at Ravinia Festival August 20 and 21 Seldom have concerts at Ravinia or at Grant Park been as poorly attended as they have been in recent weeks; it has simply been too hot for people to sit and listen comfortably to a concert. Last weekend’s cooling spell brought not only heat relief, […]

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Weapons for Development

To the editors: The Neighborhood News story on Chicago’s Peace Conversion Commission [August 19] correctly conveyed our mission–preparing a plan for the conversion of any prohibited nuclear weapons facilities to peaceful and productive uses. However, it gives the unfortunate impression that the city does not support this work. While our budget is small, we are […]