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The City File

Take it easy–but not too easy. This tip from a Tufts University expert on aging: “21 days of bed rest equals 50 to 60 years of aging in functional capacity.” “In some ways, Chicago is the most European of all American cities,” writes novelist Sara Paretsky in Savvy (September 1988). “Not a sanitized re-creation of […]

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Stage Notes: two new shows put musicians in the spotlight

The phrase “musical theater” conjures up in most people’s minds a fairly specific image: people interrupting their dialogue to break into song; lines of singing dancers strutting on for the big reprise, while a pit band churns out accompaniment. But there is, in the words of Chicago actor-composer Warren Leming, “the other musical theater”–a theater […]

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Field & Street

“I would tell anyone to take their vacation in Yellowstone this year,” William Romme told me. “This is a natural event not to be missed.” The natural event he was talking about is the multitude of fires that have burned about 650,000 acres so far in Yellowstone National Park. Romme is a professor of biology […]