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James Cotton–Recorded Live at Antone’s Night Club

JAMES COTTON RECORDED LIVE AT ANTONE’S NIGHT CLUB Antone’s Records and Tapes ANT0007 Harmonica player James Cotton has a reputation as an exhilarating live performer whose high-energy, boogie-laden blues has never been accurately captured on record. During the mid-70s, he carried what was arguably the tightest working blues band of its day–featuring Matt “Guitar” Murphy […]

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Tribune Power

To the editors. According to Neil Tesser (Aug. 26) the Sun-Times’s Dennis (The Blasphemer) Byrne was responsible for an interruptus in the collective, multiple orgasms the media were having during the festival of lights at Wrigley Field. Byrne apparently committed the abomination of desecration in his treatment of the Tribune Co. tetragrammaton: “BEER.” And that’s […]

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The City File

New horizons in management science. “Managers who exhibit Type A behavior are involved in a constant struggle to achieve more and more in less and less time,” according to a press release summarizing a study in Personnel Journal. “They see their enemies as the clock and other people, and typically try to measure their accomplishments […]

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Entertainment as Oppression

1. A front-page story in the August 24 Variety begins, “Last week’s Republican National Convention garnered the worst network ratings of any convention in TV history.” An interesting piece of information, but not, as far as I know, one that was noted in daily newspapers, weekly newsmagazines, or on TV. Why does one have to […]

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Rampant Heterosexuality

To the editors: What Adam Langer (“Guts,” August 26) observed at Albany and School streets is an all too common example of heterosexual child abuse. For a child’s father and uncles–if indeed they were such-0to approve of, and encourage, the action of other juveniles in beating and terrorizing a defenseless six-year-old is a clear case […]

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Seed Money

To the editors: Lester Brown of the Worldwatch Institute [“Dr. Doom,” July 1] has done a great deal to focus attention on human assaults on Mother Earth. However, apparently even he could stand to look a little further into a couple subjects near to his heart. The money peasants must put toward hybridized seeds (obviously […]

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Eddie Harris

Sure he was just in town (in fact Eddie Harris appeared in three different contexts at the recent Jazz Fest), and sure, he played here earlier in the summer with Les McCann. And yes, you need to see him again–if only because this time, Harris gets to run his own show. But there’s more: By […]

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A Fresh Start in Alaska

To the editors: Tom Riccio, former artistic director of the Organic Theater, moved to Fairbanks, Alaska a month ago to take over the theater department of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. He told Reader columnist, Michael Miner [September 9], Fairbanks is made up of two kinds of people: “Fundamentalist Christians and liberal granola crunchers, which […]

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Chicago Latino Film Festival 88

The fourth annual edition of the Chicago Latino Film Festival will show 50 films, virtually all of them subtitled, from 19 Latin American countries, Spain, and the U.S. (including several independent works from Chicago). All screenings will be held at the Three Penny Cinema, 2424 N. Lincoln, from Friday, September 23, through Sunday, October 2. […]