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Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

The eighth annual edition of the Chicago Lesbian and Gay Film Festival concludes this weekend at Chicago Filmmakers, 1229 W. Belmont. Tickets cost $4-$5.50 per show or $25 for six screenings. For program information and updates, call Chicago Filmmakers at 281-8788. THE DAYS OF GREEK GODS An archival collection of Richard Fontaine’s physique films of […]

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INDEPENDENCE Footsteps Theatre Company at Raven Theatre There should be a statute of limitations for the effects of an unhappy childhood. A point at which you no longer hear the internalized voice of a heavy parent quietly whisper, “You’re gonna mess this up too.” Consider the alternative: no matter how far you travel in time […]

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Jimmy Page

People like Jimmy Page were influential with rock’s proletariat in a way that intellectuals like Dylan or Joe Strummer could never hope to be. Part of this was an ability to cloak himself in an effete ethereality (in contrast to Robert Plant’s cartoon sexuality) that typified him as the great bodacious rock star of the […]

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The Collage Project

THE COLLAGE PROJECT Trilogy Productions at Victory Gardens Studio Theatre The Collage Project is made up of three one-act plays by Jeff Helgeson. It wants very much to be more than that. It’s a thoughtful effort, but the final product is less than the sum of its parts. Despite the solid performances here, some fine […]

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The Shout

THE SHOUT Live Theatre The technique of story theater, developed in Chicago by Paul Sills, helps a work of fiction make the perilous passage from page to stage without failing apart. It provides the glue that holds the dialogue and the narration together. Without that glue, a piece of fiction is likely to collapse onstage […]

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Department of Offended Feminists

To the editors: What was the purpose of Chris Petrakos’ “To Women” [September 9]? If the author meant to emphasize that ignorance and misogyny still exist in the eighties, he only partially succeeded. What proved to be most disturbing about Petrakos’ treatment of this idea was his devotion to articulating George’s views on women. Instead […]

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Serkin and Solti

CHICAGO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA at Orchestra Hall September 28 and October 1 The word “legendary” is thrown around so often in the arts that one hesitates to use it even when it seems deserved. Yet two of the figures who opened the Chicago Symphony’s 98th season in a special nonsubscription fund-raiser on September 28 are legendary. […]

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Sly & Robbie

Sly Dunbar (drums and percussion) and Robbie Shakespeare (bass) are generally recognized as the greatest professional rhythm section in reggae. As their reputation has grown, they’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to jump from backing big reggae acts, like Black Uhuru, to backing even bigger international rock acts, like the Rolling Stones. Though they’ve hardly […]

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Romeo and Juliet

ROMEO AND JULIET Goodman Theatre At the very end of the superb first act of Goodman Theatre’s Romeo and Juliet, as the young lovers kneel so Friar Lawrence can sanctify their love with matrimony, Larry Schanker’s lyrical, folkish score strikes a single shimmering dissonant note–not a harsh or mournful signal of doom, but a nervous, […]

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Chicago Sinfonietta

CHICAGO SINFONIETTA at Orchestra Hall September 27, 1988 The Chicago Sinfonietta, which prides itself on being an affirmative action organization, is the latest in a long line of midsize orchestras that have sought recognition despite the lengthy shadow of the Chicago Symphony. It faces formidable odds. As far as I can recollect, no other professional […]