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How Good Is West Virginia?

To the editors. It was refreshing to read that Ted Cox (The Sports Section, 12/2/88) opposes a playoff system for major college football. Without such a playoff, teams from 17 schools can finish the post-season on a winning note. That said, Cox’s claim that only regional bias can explain West Virginia’s being ranked number three […]

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The Straight Dope

When people want to express total pointlessness, they sometimes say a thing is as silly as “arguing over how many angels could dance on the head of a pin.” This argument is supposed to have taken place between Byzantine theologians or medieval scholars, or somebody. But I’m beginning to think the fathers (and mothers) of […]

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The City File

Liposuction, rhinoplasty (nose jobs), and breast augmentation are the three most popular surgical procedures asked of cosmetic surgeons and liposuction surgeons, according to their trade associations–and November and December are their busiest months. Daley, Sawyer, Evans, Burke, Taylor, Bloom, Davis, Byrne . . . “The present vacuum of leadership in the city has . . […]

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Melissa, While She Sleeps

MELISSA, WHILE SHE SLEEPS Chicago Cooperative Stage The program for Melissa, While She Sleeps informs us that “The entire action [of the play] transpires in the thoughts and dreams of a newborn baby.” But no infant could be guilty of the pretentious pseudo-whimsy that permeates this script–unless she’d been force-fed a steady diet of bad […]

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Field & Street

I just got my “List Supplements” for 1986-87 from the American Birding Association. This is the list of the listers, a record of the names and achievements of all the birders who keep careful accounts of every species they see–and then send those accounts to the American Birding Association for publication. The supplement requires 32 […]

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Department of Offended Feminists

To the editors: Your presentation of Matt Freedman’s “You Are a Centerfold Sex Object” cartoon in the 11/25 Reader -insults women -insults my intelligence! -packages women for sale! -is based on tired old stereotypes -is factually biased/inaccurate -oversimplifies a complex issue Pornography may be a man’s fantasy, but it’s a woman’s unfortunate reality. It’s the […]

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A Year at the Movies

The Puttnam Problem Some of the year’s most ominous film-industry developments followed directly from the forced departure of David Puttnam as head of Columbia Pictures. During his brief and controversial tenure at Columbia, Puttnam–the outspoken Englishman who produced Chariots of Fire and other “quality” films–had attempted to reverse the overall trend in Hollywood of assigning […]

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Hospital Visit

The kid heard about it late morning on Thursday. First thing, he got in the car and drove from Des Plaines out to Carpentersville, near Elgin. He saw his brother-in-law, got the tape, and roared into Chicago. By quarter of three, he was in position, in the hematology and oncology ward of Children’s Memorial Hospital. […]