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Two True Messiahs

MESSIAH The City Musick at the James Simpson Theater, Field Museum of Natural History December 21 MESSIAH Handel & Haydn Society Chorus and Period Orchestra at Orchestra Hall December 22 When Handel began work in late August of 1741 on a new oratorio brilliantly set to scriptural texts by librettist Charles Jennens, his imagination took […]

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Ducks in Danger

To the editors: A recent Field and Street [December 9] made reference to a Harlequin Duck off the Jarvis Beach. Each of the last ten years, and I am told at least 40, a flock has wintered at this location. It is my understanding that these ducks migrate south to Chicago from Hudson’s Bay, near […]

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Basically Bach

Though we now think of the Christmas season running from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, there was a time when Christmas itself actually began on December 25 and extended to January 6, the full “Twelve Days of Christmas” known to us in song. The season itself was thought of as a full 40 days, ending […]

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Cute Stuff

To the editors: I read the article “The Starting Line” by Florence Hamlish Levinsohn [December 9] and I was disappointed that it was just some more unimportant cute stuff like the dailies. Essentially, all Ms. Levinsohn talked about was polls by the dailies, who was in until whom dropped out and the political philosophy of […]

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Calendar Photo Caption

These two photographs are part of “Formaldehyde, Etc.,” an exhibit that, according to curator Catherine Edelman, pushes “the limits of technique, politics, and preconceptions.” Other limits may be pushed as well by this show, which includes Gwen Akin and Allan Ludwig’s images of preserved fetuses, animals, and human heads. Also on display will be Eberhard […]

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Masson With the Facts

To the editors: I am not a psychotherapist (but a sociologist) and have no vested interest in psychotherapy; in fact, I think many people would probably be wiser to spend their money on Bears’ season tickets or Caribbean vacations than on therapy. But I am put off by the cavalier treatment of both theory and […]

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The Straight Dope

When I was back in tenth grade I did this term paper on Thomas Jefferson and I seem to remember coming by something that said he’d had a dozen or so children by one of his slaves, who was named Sally or something like that. What’s the straight dope on this, Cecil? Is this a […]

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Archaic Notions

To the editors. Re: Kim Villanueva letter, 12/23/88 “Let’s stop pandering to archaic notions about women,” pleads Illinois NOW “Action V.P.” (!) Kim Villanueva in her attack on Matt Freedman’s “You Are a Centerfold Sex Object” cartoon in the 11/25 Reader. Good to know that there’s one archaic notion that Villanueva has brought back to […]