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Painter at Work

GOLUB **** (Masterpiece) Directed by Jerry Blumenthal and Gordon Quinn. By and large, painting and cinema have always tended to be uneasy bedfellows. To film a stationary canvas with a stationary camera is to deprive the viewer of both the movement possible in film and the movement possible to the viewer of a painting in […]

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The Elephant Man

THE ELEPHANT MAN Live Theatre Looking for a little metaphor? Got just the thing for you. The Elephant Man–it’s full of ’em. Metaphors come two a penny in Bernard Pomerance’s drama of a decade ago. Hell, the hero himself is a metaphor–never mind what happens to him. In John Merrick, the hideously deformed freak-show attraction […]

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Cowboy Junkies

The name is dumb, the heavy major-label promo for so recondite a band a little suspect; just the same, on their Trinity Sessions LP the Cowboy Junkies have discovered or invented (the unity of their groove is so seamless it doesn’t really make any difference which) a cold quiet place where the old mountain fatalism […]

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Not About Heroes

NOT ABOUT HEROES Voyagers at Stage Left Theatre A play about Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon? I could understand a play about Verlaine and Rimbaud, those scandal-and-outrage 19th-century punks, but Sassoon and Owen were the best kind of war heroes (World War I, yet), and besides, they only knew each other a little over a […]

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Unfair to the Night Shift

To the editors: “Night Shift,” the article you allowed to be printed in the Jan. 20th publication, was an outright, unfair article. The journalist portrayed the employees at the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office as slovenly, lazy people. He was more concerned with the way the employees looked and what they wore than their duties. […]

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The Sports Section

For a city with a political tradition as rich as Chicago’s, the field of mayoral candidates in the upcoming primaries and the general election beyond is a joke. As far as that goes, this field would be a laughing matter for a city with no political tradition whatsoever. Of course cynicism is all the rage […]

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Small Points

To the editors: I found Michael Miner’s Feb. 10 article about me and Chicago Times well-written overall but nevertheless deficient on two vital points which I trust you will allow me to put right forthwith. Firstly, it must be stressed that that report of mine was intended for internal, private use only. Correspondence written for […]

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Carmen McRae

Chronologically, the history of vocal jazz squeezes Carmen McRae between Sarah Vaughan and Betty Carter; stylistic comparisons prove a good deal more difficult. There’s no doubt that her scat singing was first influenced by Vaughan’s, but McRae improvises with the swagger of a Texas tenor saxist; similarly, she had clearly heard and loved Billie Holiday, […]

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79 Cents

You’re walking north on Dearborn through Printer’s Row, portfolio in hand, and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself and about the early-morning showing you’ve just wrapped up. Work’s picking up, the lean years are just about behind you now. You feel confident. You take long strides. Out of the corner of your eye you see […]

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TV or Not TV

TV OR NOT TV Joined by the Hip at the Roxy Despite its title, TV or Not TV doesn’t offer the viewer a choice. (And you thought you’d left the tube safe at home.) Television-generated humor is what mostly fuels Joined by the Hip’s comedy revue, which includes over 20 video segments. If nothing else […]