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Sing Along With Solti

To the editors: I very much enjoyed Dennis Polkow’s interview with Georg Solti [February 3]. It was a pleasure to join mentally with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in this way, since actually attending CSO performances to hear the music is out of the question. People talk to each other and sing to themselves, crunch on […]

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Restaurant Tours: Oak Park’s Louisiana hot spot

Patsy Younghouse’s grandmother has a recipe for everything–including grizzly bear. Younghouse is a Louisiana native, former farmer, mother of six, ex-deputy township clerk for Oak Park, and proprietor of a distinctly idiosyncratic restaurant called Memere’s, the Cajun word for grandmother. That’s appropriate, since it is her own memere’s Cajun and Creole recipes that set Younghouse’s […]

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Communist Sympathizers

To the editors. On just now belatedly reading your article “The Case Against Therapy,” written by Timothy Beneke in your 12/2/88 issue, I wanted to comment. As a former psychiatric nurse whose experience was still in an era (’66-’68) of hushed-voice awe of Freud, and as one who experienced much of Masson’s isolation when I […]

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The Straight Dope

A few weeks ago I got a check for 25 cents from Illinois Bell. The check was drawn on a bank in Lake Lillian, Minnesota. Do you know how obscure Lake Lillian is? (Of course you do. You know everything. I’m just asking rhetorically.) It’s so obscure it’s not in the Minnesota key to my […]

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Futurists and Fascism

To the editors: Anthony Adler’s review of Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (Reader, 3 February) spoils his otherwise astute observations with the throwaway and inaccurate claim for the “futurists’ affinity for fascism.” As a matter of fact, despite Marinetti (the self-declared “leader”) and his ardent imitation of Mussolini, art and culture in […]

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The City File

Wonders of bureaucracy. Would-be prison guards, says the state Department of Corrections, “should bring with them a copy of their birth certificate or other proof of birth.” Look out, Joe, it’s another one of those exploding dogs! Item 91033 on a recent list of city of Chicago job opportunities: “Canine Explosive Detection Trainer.” Du Page […]

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Black Wards

To the editors: I’ve clipped and enclosed from Section 1, page 48 of your Friday, January 13, 1989 edition where you report that “Dukakis didn’t do badly . . . in Chicago’s 14 black wards, reports the Chicago Reporter’s Karen Snelling (December 1988).” To you and Snelling: Chicago has 19 African-American wards. Judy I. Mitchell-Davis […]

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What Rich Has Wrought

To the editors: How could you possibly let Doug Cassel’s Feb. 10 article ignore Rich Daley’s causal and irresponsible role in ending the nuclear family, turning up the greenhouse effect, breaking up the Beatles, clubbing baby seals, abetting AIDS and selling the Indians firewater? If you are not going to fulfill your roles as responsible […]

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Field & Street

The Spring Bird Count, which happens every year in early May, is one of my favorite days. I have picked out a census tract for myself in one of the choicest natural areas Cook County has to offer, and on count day, I can cover it slowly and carefully on foot, soaking up the solitude, […]

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Split-Level Comedy

THE ‘BURBS *** (A must-see) Directed by Joe Dante Written by Dana Olsen With Tom Hanks, Bruce Dern, Carrie Fisher, Rick Ducommun, Corey Feldman, Wendy Schaal, Henry Gibson, Brother Theodore, and Courtney Gains. Director Joe Dante is the perfect refutation of the idea that popular American comedies have to be simple. His movies are never […]

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Com Ed’s Smokescreen

To the editors: John Hogan’s claim that community groups “evaded the issue, obfuscated the issue,” in the referendum to replace Com Ed shows more chutzpah than honesty (Neighborhood News, 13 Jan. ’89). The referendum questions were as accurate as space for a ballot question allows. Com Ed’s response was a smokescreen. The ballot question in […]