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Unfair to Agencies

To the editors: The story titled “Babies Wanted: Childless couples seek alternatives to traditional agency adoption” (May 12) stands on an incorrect premise. By accepting as fact several stereotypes about adoption agencies, the article will mislead couples eager to adopt. It will also misinform pregnant women and the doctors, nurses, counselors and teachers who try […]

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In My Father’s House

IN MY FATHER’S HOUSE Apple Tree Theatre I’m your wicked Uncle Ernie I’m glad you won’t see or hear me As I fiddle about Fiddle about . . . –the Who’s Tommy The deaf, dumb, and blind hero of the Who’s rock opera Tommy may have been unaware of the lustful advances of his uncle; […]

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Open Adoption

To the editors: Re: “Babies Wanted,” May 12. We cannot believe the Reader and Bryan Miller did not check out the facts before writing such a false article. We just this week adopted our infant from Lutheran Social Services in a totally open adoption. We met the birthparents several times, had a ceremony where they […]

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Semper Fi

SEMPER FI New Lincoln Theatre Every once in a while, a script comes along that’s so articulate, so well crafted, so free of cliches, you want to cry because they aren’t all like that. Michael Brady’s Semper Fi is such a script and, as performed by the New Lincoln Theatre, should be seen even if–especially […]

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Gaia’s Revenge

To the editors: I am sorry to see that Cecil Adams missed the point with his outburst on the Gaia hypotheses [Straight Dope, April 21]. In it he talks about the theories’ claim that the earth is a living organism which self regulates and possibly self heals. Cecil concluded by stating that even Gaian proponent […]

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The Sports Section

While in Los Angeles last weekend, I overheard the Lakers described as a team of destiny. The person making the statement was one of those typical El Lay know-nothings, complete with a sweater thrown over his shoulders and the sleeves knotted around his neck. He went on to talk about how, it being the last […]

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Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

The only full-time professional chamber orchestra in the United States returns to Chicago for a special Orchestra Hall concert. One of the world’s most sensitive and accomplished chamber ensembles, its 24 players have an unsurpassed sense of color and line–and flexibility in performing music of all periods. The group’s present appearance is particularly significant because […]

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News Story

Within the inner sanctum of Area Four Violent Crimes, the City News reporter slouched at a battered desk. The office was experiencing the gloomy lull that is characteristic of the third watch, a lull that was disrupted only by muffled blows and stifled yells from within interrogation room F: the sound of an offender being […]

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French Provincial

POULET AU VINAIGRE *** (A must-see) Directed by Claude Chabrol Written by Dominique Roulet and Chabrol With Jean Poiret, Stephane Audran, Michel Bouquet, Jean Topart, Lucas Belvaux, Pauline Lafont, Jean-Claude Bouillaud, and Caroline Cellier. In 1985, after seeing Claude Chabrol’s Poulet au vinaigre at the Toronto Festival of Festivals, I remember thinking: At last! The […]

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2 Legs and a Cane

2 LEGS AND A CANE Third Rail Comedy Ensemble at the Roxy Derailed? Well, not exactly. More like distracted. Even with a clear concept and a solid method to help keep it on track, the Third Rail Comedy Ensemble show 2 Legs and a Cane gets lost somewhere along the line–one of those phantom trains […]