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More News From Lake Lillian

To the editors: As President of the Lake Lillian Civic and Commerce organization, I am writing you in response to, as you phrased it, your “brilliant disquisition on corporate cash management and boondock banking” [The Straight Dope, May 5]. On behalf of the City of Lake Lillian, I would like to take issue with the […]

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Pere Ubu

Pere Ubu’s new record, Cloudland, is a pop monstrosity: it’s Eraserhead crossed with disco, or the Archies with a cleft palate. “Sloop John B” is transformed into a lurid rocker on a song called “Nevada!”; “Breath” equates a failed relationship with urban renewal. Which is to say that it’s a Pere Ubu album, despite the […]

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Eddie Shaw & the Wolf Gang

It’s hardly the Wolf Gang anymore–bassist Lafayette “Shorty” Gilbert is the only member of Howlin’ Wolf’s last working band in the group, aside from saxophonist-bandleader Eddie Shaw–but this joyous aggregation of bluesmen continues on in Wolf’s grand rowdy tradition. Shaw’s sax playing combines the fiery intensity of Wolf’s classic Delta shout with the honking funk […]

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Flag Scam

To the editors: Sorry guys but I’m not taking this [Hot Type, June 9; Our Town, June 16]. Who told that turkey down in Hicksvill Illinois that he could decide for me what to do with my tax money? Nobody asked me. Do you know how I have to scramble to get those dollars I […]

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Weighty Matters

To the editors: I thought Cecil Adams did a fine job on the angels-dancing-on-the-head-of-a-pin issue [Straight Dope, December 23], but your readers might also be interested in knowing why the controversy was considered significant. Thomas Aquinas and other medieval theologians were concerned with the relationship between Spirit and Matter, a dichotomy between two kinds of […]

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Fallacy of the Illicit Minor

To the editors: I commend your excellent research and accurate reporting in your article, “Is Nothing Sacred?” [June 9]. As I know most of the people whom you interviewed, I would like to respond, mainly for the benefit of non-Episcopalians. Jim Rosenthal’s comments (p. 36) display both fallacious reasoning and inaccuracies. Every introductory logic course […]

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Dream Stuff

MACAO, OR BEYOND THE SEA *** (A must-see) Directed by Clemens Klopfenstein Written by Klopfenstein, Wolfram Groddeck, and Felix Tissi With Max Ruedlinger, Christine Lauterburg, Hans-Dieter Jendreyko, Shirley Wong, and Che Tin Hong. 1. Some part of me feels an enormous gratitude for movies that I don’t fully understand. The compulsive legibility of commercial movies–designed […]