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Filling Paper

To the editors: I never meant to write about this because I know that good talent is in short supply. A little background: I fell in love with your mag while visiting in Chicago on numerous occasions, and the main reason I subscribed was David Kehr. His movie reviews were, without doubt, the best being […]

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Noises Off

Five Jefferson citations and ten months later, Pegasus Players’ inspired revival of Noises Off is running strong. The cast of Michael Frayn’s combustible backstage comedy has changed almost completely since the comedy opened, and the original Truman College setting has changed to a much more intimate stage in the Theatre Building. Meanwhile, Michael Leavitt’s staging […]

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Bob Dylan revisited

Bob Dylan is playing mostly covers these days. Unlike most rock performers, when he goes out on tour he rarely does more than one or two songs off his latest album (or three or four most recent albums). What he does instead is choose–with varying degrees of creativity from tour to tour and night to […]

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Lucky Peterson–Lucky Strikes!

LUCKY STRIKES! Lucky Peterson Alligator AL 4770 Despite the renewed mainstream popularity of the blues, aficionados still lament the dearth of the kind of deeply expressive, emotionally taut performances that distinguished the music during its heyday. The litany is familiar: style has won out over substance, spectacle over soul, technique over truth. Especially among young […]

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Dyke Noir

THE WELL OF HORNINESS Bailiwick Repertory Holly Hughes’s screwball comedy The Well of Horniness is full of salacious double entendres, any one of which–“eager beavers,” “bosom buddies,” “the bush league”–would win a male playwright an express ticket to sexist hell. But the play is a lesbian farce, and the result is a strangely inoffensive and […]

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Sneak development: Old Town preservationist fight the attack of the incredible expanding buildings

Old Town is being ambushed by sneak development. In 1978 the city designated the Old Town Triangle a Chicago Landmark District. But home owners and developers are still lifting up one- or two-story homes and tucking a garage or basement underneath. Whole floors are being added to the tops of buildings, and newly constructed rooms […]

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Satire and Sadness

SCENES FROM THE CLASS STRUGGLE IN BEVERLY HILLS *** (A must-see) Directed by Paul Bartel Written by Bartel and Bruce Wagner With Jacqueline Bisset, Mary Woronov, Ray Sharkey, Robert Beltran, Ed Begley Jr., Arnetia Walker, Wallace Shawn, and Bartel. Elegant drollery and wit flow through Paul Bartel’s Scenes From the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills […]

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Rock ‘n’ roll has always accommodated weirdos who took the received sounds of the day, processed them through their own mechanisms, and produced something new. And some became successful far beyond their wildest dreams–think of Elvis, John Lennon, Joey Ramone, or Bob Bogle and Don Wilson. What they have in common is a–Bob Bogle? Don […]