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More Capital Blunders

To the editors: Thanks for your article on John Healey, Executive Director of Amnesty International USA [Our Town, August 11]. We would like to acknowledge Joel Lederer, the young photographer responsible for the photos accompanying Dan Liberty’s article. Thanks also to everyone who called or wrote to the governor of Louisiana on behalf of Ronald […]

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Repeat of a Sellout

To the editors: The story of Forest Beach and the Y.W.C.A. [August 11] bitterly reminds me of what happened to Camp Martin Johnson in the 70’s. That camp and land, which belonged to the Chicago Y.M.C.A., was in northern Michigan and had been donated by Martin Johnson in the 20’s. Johnson was a bachelor who […]

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Bomb Secrets

To the editors: I appreciate Peter Friederici’s admiring review of Robert Del Tredici’s book, At Work in the Fields of the Bomb (August 4, 1989). The Progressive has published Del Tredici’s photographs, and shares your reviewer’s admiration for his work. However, I regret Friederici’s careless reference to Howard Morland’s “article on how to build a […]

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Crime Against Blues

To the editors: What’s a decade, give or take, among friends? Those albums I mentioned in my review of Gatemouth Brown [August 18], on which Gate showcased his abilities in a wide variety of musical styles on French and Japanese labels, were done in the 1970s, not the 1980s as my article stated. Most of […]

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Be Prepared

What’s so stupid about survivalism? If disaster strikes–a war, an earthquake, a chemical spill–most people will count on the government to take care of them. The members of Live Free International will be ready to fend for themselves. So who’s crazy?

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Birth Rate

BIRTH RATE Chicago Actors Ensemble A few years after the “ban the bomb” movement fizzled, we started to receive warnings of the approaching catastrophe of the worldwide population explosion–the “population bomb.” In the mid-60s Americans regularly heard terrifying scenarios: there would soon be more people alive than the sum of all those who had lived […]

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The Straight Dope

Cecil, are there such things as “baa-baa-babies”? In other words, if a human male has sexual relations with a sheep, can the sheep become fertilized and deliver a quasi-human-sheepish blob, otherwise known as a “baa-baa-baby”? Several associates claim there are bottled baa-baa-babies in the labs at UTA, and that there are laws prohibiting sexual union […]

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Prisoners of Commerce

THE BRIG Zebra Crossing Theatre and Chameleon Productions at Zebra Crossing Theatre Zebra Crossing Theatre and Chameleon Productions are Uptown-based companies that place special emphasis on nontraditional casting in terms of race and gender; their current coproduction of Kenneth Brown’s The Brig is about as nontraditional as you can get. Not that the play itself […]

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The City File

“I knew a foreign woman who moved to Chicago back in the 1960’s. When she moved back home, she asked me how she could take WFMT with her,” writes William J. Leahy in Leahy’s Corner (July 1989). “Well she might ask. When I later lived in London, Dublin, Paris, Cairo, and elsewhere, I found that […]

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CASUALTIES OF WAR ** (Worth seeing) Directed by Brian De Palma Written by David Rabe With Michael J. Fox, Sean Penn, Don Harvey, John C. Reilly, John Leguizamo, Thuy Thu Le, and Erik King. “It is, of course, immediately evident that there is a possible position omitted from the fierce debate between the hawks and […]