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Pinetop Perkins

Pianist Pinetop Perkins, Muddy Waters’s last great keyboard man, is a living repository of over half a century of blues. He laces barrelhouse standards and up-tempo rockers alike with a deep blues sensibility and solid craftsmanship fused with an impish good humor that makes every performance an unabashed celebration of life. In recent years he’s […]

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Quack to the Future

DAFFY DUCK’S QUACKBUSTERS *** (A must-see) Directed and written by Greg Ford and Terry Lennon With Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Tweety Pie, Sylvester the Cat, J.P. Cubish, and the voice of Mel Blanc. It seems more a matter of confusion at Warner Brothers than either poetic justice or business acumen that has denied […]

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A Proper Egmont

To the editors: This letter is in response to Dennis Polkow’s review (July 21) of the Grant Park Symphony’s performance of Beethoven’s Egmont Overture. While Polkow found conductor Parrott’s “nice and pretty Beethoven” not as personally satisfying as it could have been had the more “revolutionary and avant-garde qualities” of Beethoven’s composition been emphasized, the […]

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Contemplating Suicide

DETERMINATIONS *** (A must-see) Directed by Oliver Hockenhull. Not long into Oliver Hockenhull’s film Determinations, following a dense collage of images and sounds, we see a woman in an empty room. She identifies herself as a prostitute, and describes how she has served time in jail for stabbing a man “in his privates.” As the […]

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Dr. John & Sunnyland Slim

This is one of the year’s more intriguing bookings: Sunnyland Slim’s traditional Delta piano, by turns easyrolling and propulsive, juxtaposed against Dr. John’s churning New Orleans R & B and voodoo-tinged funk. Each man, in his own way, is a living repository of history: Sunnyland came of age in the prewar Delta, playing lumber camps, […]

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Hedda Flapper

HEDDA Buffalo Theatre Ensemble at the Theatre Building There are some women whose status as icons is undisputed–Antigone, Joan of Arc, Nora Helmer. All performed decisive actions that have inspired women everywhere. Hedda Gabler, however, remains an enigma among the feminist candidates for canonization. Was she a spoiled and self-destructive neurotic whose suicide was precipitated […]

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The Third Rail Comedy Hour

THE THIRD RAIL COMEDY HOUR Third Rail Comedy Ensemble at the Roxy Nothing is more striking about the Third Rail Comedy Ensemble than the fact that they are virtually indistinguishable from the dozens of other graceless Second City wannabes performing weekly throughout Chicago and environs. Thanks to the efforts of three improv factories–Players Workshop, Second […]