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One Bird With Two Tones

THE SEAGULL Touchstone Theatre at the Theatre Building THE SEAGULL Huge Theatre Company at Angel Island Two productions of The Seagull opened last week. The one by Touchstone Theatre has a slick consistency and melodramatic tone. Housed in the comfortable, air-conditioned Theatre Building, the Touchstone show looks every bit the Lake Forest subscription theater trying […]

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Clybourn Car Wash

“That Car Wash movie was just a lot of romance,” says Mario Xavier, the smooth-dressing young manager of the K&K Hand Car Wash on North Clybourn. “All we do is work around here. The business has lost its personality and isn’t very entertaining anymore.” The K&K, which operates in a dull yellow, almost adobe-style structure […]

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TALES FROM THE GIMLI HOSPITAL *** (A must-see) Directed and written by Guy Maddin With Kyle McCulloch, Michael Gottli, Angela Heck, Margaret-Anne MacLeod, Heather Neale, and Caroline Bonner. Given the murky black-and-white photography, the fascination with repulsive medical details, the loony deadpan humor, the impoverished characters and settings, and the dreamlike drift of bizarre and […]

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Morgan Emerging

CIVIC ORCHESTRA OF CHICAGO at Orchestra Hall July 7 and 30 GRANT PARK SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA at the Petrillo Music Shell July 15 and 16 CHICAGO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA at Christ Universal Temple August 18 and 19 The Chicago Symphony Orchestra has two great hopes for the 90s, and neither of them is Daniel Barenboim. The choice […]

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The Straight Dope

What is Kirlian photography? How is it that it captures on film an object that is no longer present? –J. Ramirez, Chicago Let’s not jump to conclusions, Ace. The “phantom object” effect ain’t what it’s cracked up to be. But first some facts. On second thought, bag the facts. Let’s start with the fiction, which, […]

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Room to Move

JOEL HALL DANCERS at the Blackstone Theatre September 8 and 9 As tempting as it is to think of dance as bodies, I don’t believe that bodies are what we go to see. I don’t even believe we go to see movement. What we go to see is the will to create a rhythmic flow, […]

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The City File

That’s why you’re embarrassed to buy a lottery ticket. Zephyr, published in downstate Galesburg, reminds us (August 10) that we have one chance in 607,000 of being killed by lightning; one in 1,300,000 of being injured while taking a bubble bath; and one in 26 million of winning the Illinois Lotto grand prize. Sorry, I […]

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Reviving a Sleeper

THE HERO Chamber Opera Chicago at the Ruth Page Auditorium September 8, 9, 15, 16, and 17 Some years ago, when Leonard Bernstein was still discussing such things, I asked if he considered his West Side Story to be an opera. “No,” he said. “And for one very simple reason: the most dramatic moment in […]

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Jon Faddis

The extrovert trumpeter returns to town a scant two weeks after his high-flying jazz-fest appearance with Dizzy Gillespie–and if you heard him then, you don’t need much more from me by way of recommendation. Faddis is something of a throwback, capable of recasting the horn in its historical role as an instrument of raw power; […]

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Looking for Lynch & Whitney

To the editors: I just searched through Section 3 of the 9-1-89 Reader, trying to find the Lynch & Whitney cartoon strip. I really don’t appreciate this change, and don’t understand the wisdom of putting the best cartoon strip the Reader offers in some obscure location. If I’m not looking for an apartment or a […]