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The Homecoming

THE HOMECOMING Steppenwolf Theatre Company “My lips move,” says Ruth, the enigmatic female outsider in the all-male household of Harold Pinter’s 1965 drama The Homecoming. “Why don’t you restrict . . . your observations to that. Perhaps the fact that they move is more significant . . . than the words which come through them. […]

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The Glass Mendacity

THE GLASS MENDACITY the Illegitimate Players at Victory Gardens Studio The Illegitimate Players have gone legit. In their new show, the comedy troupe have moved beyond the confines of cabaret and cable TV to a real theater; instead of the revue format of such previous efforts as Out on a Whim and Near North Side […]

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Relief Effort

“Pa’ la isla, broder, pa’ la isla,” shouted David Castro above the din. In front of the offices of the Puerto Rican Parade Committee at California and Division cars were passing, huge stereo speakers across the street were blasting, and the two cops were directing pedestrian traffic through a bullhorn. “For the island, my brothers, […]

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Priveleged Moments

REMBRANDT LAUGHING Directed and written by Jon Jost With Jon A. English, Barbara Hammes, Jim Nisbet, Nathaniel Dorsky, Janet McKinley, Kate Dezina, and Jerry Barrish. “The essence of Jean-Luc Godard’s La femme mariee,” John Bragin wrote in the mid-60s, “is the transmutation of the dramatic into the graphic.” While this formula doesn’t account for everything […]

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David “Honeyboy” Edwards–White Windows; Big Daddy Kinsey and Sons–Can’t Let Go

WHITE WINDOWS David “Honeyboy” Edwards Blue Suit 102 It’s always interesting to hear what a blues traditionalist does to keep well-worn ideas fresh. Some veteran artists adopt a museum-piece approach, rehashing famous folk themes and affecting quaint “living legend” personas. The most adept rustic survivor from a bygone era was probably Big Bill Broonzy, who […]