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Film Festival Previews

Having now experienced two years’ worth of the Chicago International Film Festival, I’m not the least bit surprised to learn that the 25th-anniversary version, the largest to date, is starting on Thursday, October 12, three days before “opening night.” We’ll have plenty to say about this event when it gets fully under way next week; […]

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The Politics of Greed

SERIOUS MONEY Court Theatre We Americans are a trusting people. As a group, I mean. We have all this naive faith in the basic benignity of our government, our institutions, our way of doing things. In spite of everything, I mean. When Oliver Stone wants to attack the culture of greed in Wall Street, for […]

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Psycho Beach Party

PSYCHO BEACH PARTY Red Bones Theatre Over the past five years, Charles Busch has made a name for himself by parodying dead or dying movie genres. His first hit, Vampire Lesbians of Sodom (Busch himself played one of the title characters), is still showing off-Broadway. Since then he has written, and performed with his Theatre […]

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Jonathan Richman

Jonathan Richman’s babycakes enthusiasm has subtly but undoubtedly grounded popular music’s excesses over the past 15 years: singers of elephantine pretentiousness, from Emerson, Lake and Palmer to John Cougar Mellencamp, have had to keep an eye looking over their shoulders as Richman has not only filled his albums with songs like “I’m Nature’s Mosquito” and […]

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Between Farce and Poignancy

DER ROSENKAVALIER Lyric Opera September 26 and 30, and October 4, 10, 13, 16, and 20 When 12-tone composer Anton Webern first heard Der Rosenkavalier shortly after its premiere in 1911, he quickly dismissed the importance of Richard Strauss to the emerging contemporary movement in music. Prior to Der Rosenkavalier Strauss had been an important […]

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Missed Metaphor?

To the editors: The “bizarre fantasy” described in Jonathan Rosenbaum’s misguided capsule review of The Navigator [September 15] is in fact one of the more serious attempts to deal with the AIDS crisis on film yet, although this is not apparent from anything that Rosenbaum has to say about the movie in his review. Perhaps […]

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Jules Shear

You have to admire Jules Shear’s career of the last 10 or 12 years–his work is rather inconsistent (fine-to-OK work with the Funky Kings, Jules and the Polar Bears, Reckless Sleepers, and solo) but through it all he’s remained committedly tuneful and relatively thoughtful: his insistent search for redemption through songwriting qua songwriting has given […]

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Her Master’s Voice

To the editors: I realize that your readership is mostly pro-choice, but the article on abortion 1990 [September 15], made me wonder who the women could be that would blindly follow men like Joseph Scheidler. It is these women I wish to address. Women of the anti-choice movement take notice, listen, read this. I speak […]

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SARCOPHAGUS Interplay Interplay is clearly trying to get a point across. The company has a lobby display decrying the use of nuclear power and peace banners that suggest the split atom is an unnecessary evil. Brochures from Greenpeace and other antinuclear groups have also been set out. But Sarcophagus, the play by Pravda science editor […]

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The Antichoice Agenda

To the editors: Hopefully, your excellent 9/15/89 “Abortion 1990” cover story will motivate larger numbers of the pro-choice majority in Illinois to become politically active in the growing effort to keep abortion safe, legal and accessible. In addition to joining pro-choice organizations, each of us can pledge to vote for only those candidates who are […]