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Calendar Photo Caption

Aerobics, Soviet style: This photograph by Yevgeni Volkov originally appeared in Olympic Panorama, a quarterly magazine published by the Soviet State Committee for Physical Culture. For the next month and a half it’s hanging on a wall at the Field Museum, along with 120 other color photos by Olympic Panorama and Sports Illustrated photographers in […]

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The Straight Dope

How do “night” rear view mirrors work? One flick of the switch and it seemingly dims all. –Chris Gaffney, Toronto This isn’t going to be easy, but what the hell, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Here’s the simple explanation: in a dimming rear view mirror you’ve got two reflecting surfaces–one with […]

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Prisoner of Hate

To the editors: Your coverage of the William Heirens story [August 25] is excellent! Hopefully it will make a positive difference and help secure his long-awaited release. It tells the true story, and explains the hatred and bias that has characterized this unjust disposition of what is still an inflamed issue. Inflamed after nearly half […]

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The City File

Let’s hope it was fast food. The state Department of Professional Regulation suspended the license of a downstate dentist for two weeks and put him on one year’s probation “after he left his dental office to get something to eat, leaving a patient in the dental chair who was in pain.” The most diverse national […]

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President Bill Is a Fascist

To the editors: I am in agreement with Mr. Phil Albee [Letters, September 15] concerning the President Bill strip. It is not a good addition, and even a suspicious one. Presumably political, it conveys what little message it has by the simplistic substitution of stereotyped left/progressive content into the form of the unfortunately all-too-real practices […]

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Marilyn Crispell

There may be no more exciting pianist in jazz than Marilyn Crispell. Perhaps you (like me) hate statements that bold–especially about someone you’ve never heard of; the proper response would be to check her out tomorrow and see if I’m not right. Crispell can boast an impressively clearheaded musical vision that is particularly well served […]

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Chicago International Film Festival

* = recommended Friday October 13 *Yaaba Idrissa Ouedraogo’s first feature film, The Choice, chronicling the long trek of a family forced by drought to leave their home, was a film about displacement. His second, Yaaba, on the other hand, is about having a place in the world. A young boy and girl, playing on […]

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Genius on the side

If there’s a musician’s musician in blues, it’s Matt “Guitar” Murphy. Murphy developed his style in the churning, innovative postwar Memphis blues scene, where the rough sounds of traditionalists like Howlin’ Wolf coexisted uneasily with the slicker, more sophisticated music being developed by artists like Little Junior Parker, B.B. King, and Bobby “Blue” Bland. Murphy […]

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Once again the Chicago International Film Festival is a hodgepodge of movies assembled with no discernible point of view. If you walked into a well-stocked bookstore and grabbed the first 130 titles in sight, you’d have a collection very much like it.