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Astonishing Stories

To the editors. I am not a constant reader of your worthy periodical. The few occasions on which I have examined it, however, showed you to be a distinctly “alternative bunch” and I liked that. By purest happenstance, I stumbled on a copy of the Friday Oct. 14 Issue, and was utterly flabbergasted by the […]

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Field & Street

When I bought my first Peterson and my first pair of binoculars, I approached birding rather gingerly. I mainly concentrated on the easy stuff: kingbirds, and great blue herons and wood ducks, birds of such striking particularity that it was almost impossible to mistake them for anything else. When I paged through the illustrations in […]

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Grant Us Art

To the editors: I am writing concerning the wisecrack made by Harold Henderson in “The City File” column dated November 4, 1988, saying “Religion is an art, isn’t it?” Mr. Henderson seems to be operating under the assumption that there is a clear distinction between the “sacred” and the “secular.” He also apparently did not […]

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Beat Abuse

LYNDA MARTHA DANCE COMPANY at the Dance Center of Columbia College November 18,19,25, and 26 Lynda Martha, artistic director of the nine-year-old Lynda Martha Dance Company based in Evanston, has a gift for exploiting a single mood or movement idea in a given piece. Her dancers also move insistently with the music, on each beat, […]

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Midnight Oil: rock around the apocalypse

Australian popular art–or at least the Australian popular art that becomes popular in the Western world these days–relies heavily on images of the apocalypse. This appears to come naturally to many Australian rock bands and movie directors, but it also tends to be what we expect them to deliver us. The most popular Australian band […]

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A Girl’s Guide to Chaos

A GIRL’S GUIDE TO CHAOS! at Royal-George Theatre A Girl’s Guide to Chaos!, now playing in the Gallery Theatre in the Royal-George, is the kind of play you’re embarrassed to admit you like. It’s cute; as a matter of fact, it’s downright perky. This isn’t about love between modern men and women, but about girls, […]

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Objections to Sex and Violence

OBJECTIONS TO SEX AND VIOLENCE Commons Theatre When a play uses sex and violence literally and metaphorically, passion is an operative emotion–the playwright, the director, the actors, somebody has to feel it to convince the audience. But in the Commons Theatre current production of Objections to Sex and Violence, passion is almost absent. In fact, […]

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On Exhibit: a roomful of Daleys

Richard Feigen remembers the 1968 Democratic convention well. Feigen, a Chicago-trained artist who now works in New York but owns a gallery here, recalls the surprise that swept the city–first at the demonstrations, then at the bloodshed. Feigen, though, was not surprised. “Everyone was astonished by what happened,” he says, “except for the art community.” […]

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Joe Pass

If guitarist Joe Pass were performing solo–the format for which he has received the most attention–you wouldn’t be reading this. Pass’s solo forays have always been notable for their displays of virtuosity, the ambitiousness of the concept, and their novelty. Unfortunately, they often stop swinging halfway through, and they always become repetitive, as the mortal […]