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Colors: sprucing up the CTA

“Make sure you mention the sheet-metal workers–the backbone of the CTA!” hollers a man in the stairwell. The man, by no coincidence, is in fact a sheet-metal worker, and the stairwell he occupies provides access to the southbound platform of the Belmont station of the Howard el. In the small area beneath the platform, between […]

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Vision Impairment

BATSHEVA DANCE COMPANY at the Auditorium Theatre November 15 and 16 The Batsheva Dance Company, an Israeli troupe, is by modern-dance standards something of a dowager–both old and rich. Established in 1964 with Martha Graham as artistic adviser, it was first sponsored by Baroness Bethsabee de Rothschild and is now supported by the Israeli government. […]

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Keith Richards–Talk Is Cheap

TALK IS CHEAP Keith Richards Virgin Records America 790973-2 There is no freedom without constraint, no innocence without guilt; paradise exists only as paradise lost. If we lived in paradise, there would be no need to define these things: in paradise, freedom and innocence are the status quo. In music, syncopation–the lifeblood of rock ‘n’ […]

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Big and Tall

When Herb Karoll was just a boy, his daddy wanted him to be a rabbi. But young Herb figured there wasn’t much money in that line and opted for business. Herb and his younger brothers, Sam and Dave, recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of Karoll’s Red Hanger clothing shops. “We were the first clothing store […]

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Splatter Theater II

SPLATTER THEATER II Metraform and Edge Productions at Cotton Chicago Mick Napier, who conceived and directed both Splatter Theater and Splatter Theater II, is using his talents to capitalize on the slice-and-dice movies so popular these days. He has an obvious penchant for gore. In last spring’s press release for Splatter Theater, he traced the […]

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The Devil’s Disciple; Driving Miss Daisy

THE DEVIL’S DISCIPLE Apple Tree Theatre DRIVING MISS DAISY Briar Street Theatre No, it’s not the latest TV special from Geraldo Rivera. But in its wittily purposeful examination of romantic, political, military, and moral ironies, The Devil’s Disciple, George Bernard Shaw’s 91-year-old comedy about unlikely heroism in the American Revolution, is a far more advanced […]

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Calendar Photo Caption

“Robert Charles Howe: Visual Purple,” an exhibition of paintings, drawings, and constructions done by the Chicago artist after surgery to correct his failing eyesight, is on view through December 10 in the SXC Gallery at Saint Xavier College, 3700 W. 103rd St. (779-3300). Hours are 10-5 Monday through Friday and noon-5 Saturday. Shown here is […]

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The Straight Dope

Last night as I was enjoying a Kraft Velveeta Extra Thick Individually Wrapped Pasteurized Process Cheese Spread sandwich, my attention was inadvertently drawn to the nutrition information on the side of the package. Here’s the rub: there are 10 slices per package, but according to the label, the package contains 12 servings! Is this some […]

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The Sound of German

THE DEATH OF EMPEDOCLES **** (Masterpiece) Directed and written by Jean-Marie Straub and Daniele Huillet With Andreas von Rauch, Howard Vernon, William Berger, Vladimir Baratta, Martina Baratta, and Ute Cremer. Three pretentious but relevant quotes: “Aesthetics are the ethics of the future” (Lenin). “To make a revolution also means to put back into place things […]

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The City File

Tales of entomology, from the Illinois Natural History Survey Reports (September 1988): “With this knowledge, distribution of ant species across Illinois counties is understood more clearly. The next step is a review of the extensive soil, leaf litter, and rotten wood samples housed at the Survey.” OK as long as they aren’t part of the […]