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The Dismal Science

To the editors: I knew I liked Ann Markusen from watching her struggle with the fuddy-duddys on the economics discussions John Calloway schedules every so often on Chicago Tonight. I didn’t know just how much I liked her till I read her page-one article, “City on the Skids” (Reader, 11/24/89). Economics has been viewed as […]

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An Idea Whose Time Has Gone

To the editors: I read with interest Ann Markusen’s recent article, “City on the Skids” (November 24). Chicago certainly has been growing much more slowly than the U.S. as a whole, and something does need to be done about it. However, Ms. Markusen’s solution, corporate welfare/centralized planning, is hardly what we need. Indeed, it would […]

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Tav Falco’s Panther Burns

What exactly Tav Falco is I’m not sure. He certainly is an aficionado of southern muck rock, and he fronts a band, Panther Burns, that plays a potent, eerily corporeal strain of mucked-up rockabilly (muckabilly?). But he’s also at least part performance artist (he used to call himself Tubeman and play blues classics on police […]

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Operartion Clean Sweep

It was a year when Drug War hysteria had Americans looking for bogeymen under every bed. But not everyone was delighted with the CHA’s unannounced raids on Chicagoans living in public housing. Despite cheerleading from our town’s daily media, some of the people on the receiving end of the city’s grim “crime-busting” adventure told me […]