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Dining Out

The man enters the Wiener’s Circle, the hot-dog stand at Clark and Wrightwood, with more than just a hint of bravado. He opens both of the double doors in a wide, sweeping motion and plants himself firmly in the center of the doorway. After looking at the upper and lower perimeters of the doorway twice, […]

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WFMT Takes a Turn

An engineer at WFMT for 28 years, most of them good ones, Alfred Antlitz now finds himself running the station during one of the worst. “I never thought I’d be in this position,” he told us. “I almost can’t explain it.” But there he is. “My background is in the ministry, by the way, so […]

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Nothing New

PETER SERKIN at Orchestra Hall November 26 CAROL WINCENC AND FRIENDS at Orchestra Hall January 8 I’m not sure whether a trend is developing here, but a number of performers have been presenting recitals of what they wish us to believe is all “new” music, thereby making it look as if they’re doing their bit […]

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The Learned Ladies

THE LEARNED LADIES Commons Theatre It must have been the weather forecast for Friday night: snow and sleet. There’s no other excuse for the poor attendance at Commons Theatre’s production of Moliere’s Learned Ladies. Thirty people, in a house designed to hold over a hundred, is disgraceful. Especially for this fresh, sprightly production of a […]

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Sexual Triangle

XSIGHT! PERFORMANCE GROUP at Marjorie Ward Marshall Dance Center of Northwestern University January 19, 20, 26, and 27 Xsight! Performance Group, appearing at Northwestern in what was essentially a college exhibition, had their young audience firmly in hand–alternately laughing, puzzled, and charmed. And they did it despite a minuscule stage with a horribly awkward entrance […]

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Department of Crass Whorish Commercialism

To the editors: Although the socio-economic climate which served as catalyst, incubator, and motivator for alternative newspapers similar to the Reader has changed, never-the-less, the essential need for moral integrity should definitely be maintained, both in practice and in principle. Unfortunately, the inspired principals who first founded the Reader have lost the vision and consequently […]

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Breaking the Code

BREAKING THE CODE Interplay “That’s the way of the world,” says Alan Turing in Hugh Whitemore’s biographical drama Breaking the Code. “One never seems to hear of the really great mathematicians.” True enough, for a very simple reason: few writers of books, plays, or movies have been able to make an intellectual “sexy” enough, as […]