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Claudio Abbado

For many years, Claudio Abbado was Solti and CSO management’s first choice for a Solti successor. The rest, as they say, is history. What’s done is done; Daniel Barenboim is off to an excellent start with the CSO. Abbado, on the other hand, was offered the other plum of the music world subsequent to his […]

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Symbols of Something

LIZART 5 Tunga at the Museum of Contemporary Art On the third floor of the Museum of Contemporary Art, in the Manilow Gallery through February 4, is an environmental installation consisting of copper and steel plates and wires, magnets, and drawings on silk. This work, by the Brazilian artist Tunga, is simultaneously smooth and rough, […]

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At Wit’s End

AT WIT’S END at the Halsted Theatre Centre Oscar Levant once said that “imitation is the sincerest form of plagiarism,” and when it comes to Levant, Stan Freeman is one of the best plagiarists around. As the star of Joel Kimmel’s one-man play At Wit’s End, under the efficient direction of Barbara Karp, he looks […]

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Blackouts From a Marriage

ABINGDON SQUARE Next Theatre Company For certain people, the slightest nudge can produce a play. While Maria Irene Fornes was visiting New York’s Abingdon Square, she saw a woman holding a rent receipt. The playwright imagined that the woman was about to go home to her husband, a man she pictured as much older. What […]

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Emily Remler

This is pianist David Benoit’s gig: it’s his name in the big letters on the marquee. But Benoit’s string of pseudojazz hits holds little interest for serious listeners, who may also have been underwhelmed by his recent album of more straight-ahead material. For me the drawing card is guitarist Emily Remler, who graced that last […]

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Nihilism for the Masses

ROGER & ME *** (A must-see) Directed and written by Michael Moore. There’s no question that you should see Roger & Me if you haven’t already. Michael Moore’s comic documentary about the devastation of Flint, Michigan, resulting from General Motors’ massive plant closings and job layoffs is the most entertaining American documentary to come along […]

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CHAOS Lifeline Theatre I’m not going to attempt an explanation of the theory of chaos here, since I’m only up to page 42 in the book I’ve been reading about it. But as near as I can tell it boils down to this: you’re never going to understand the physical world if you insist on […]

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The Stunt Man

“So there’s three helicopters riding over the top of the train.” The voice is from a guy coming up the aisle behind me. He talks so loud, so emphatically, it’s impossible to miss a word, even over the sound of the train. “It’s beautiful,” he continues. “One of them lands right on top of the […]