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Bobby Shew, Johnny Frigo & Fred Simon

They’re calling this show the “Chicago Jazz Triple-Header,” probably as good a way as any to describe a concert that collects a west-coast trumpet ace, a septuagenarian violin master, and a respected contemporary keyboardist/composer: eclecticism reigns. Trumpeter Bobby Shew has impeccable credentials–as reliable and resilient in a big band, but also as a fiery and […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Macio Aquino, 20, had a friend shoot him in the arm with a .25-caliber pistol in Redwood City, California, in December. He decided that appearing to be a victim of a shooting would defuse his girlfriend’s wrath after he had forgotten to pick her up as promised at a doctor’s office. A police […]

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Be Kind to the Poor

To the editors: There are two kinds of poor people in this world: 1) those limned in “Getting Through the 80s” [February 2] and 2) many of those who read your “news”paper including the editors who approve and “improve” its articles before publication. The gulf between the two is a yawning chasm that can be […]

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The Works

The teenage girl ringing orders at Al’s #1 Italian Beef is questioning the man ahead of me in the lunch-hour line. He looks puzzled, an expression of passive amusement slightly lifting the corners of his mouth. The guy is mum. Froze solid. “What you want on it,” she says rather than asks. A black cashmere […]

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Clean Air Action

To the editors: On February 1, 1990, fine arts radio station WFMT abandoned its policy prohibiting prerecorded advertisements [Hot Type, February 2]. Until the day before the new policy was announced, station officials tried to pacify concerned listeners–who had heard rumors of plans to gradually destroy the format which had made WFMT a nationally renowned […]

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Hard Buddies

TANGO & CASH ** (Worth seeing) Directed by Andrei Konchalovsky Written by Randy Feldman With Sylvester Stallone, Kurt Russell, and Jack Palance. The penis, when in the hands of an actor, never amounts to much more than comic relief, even when it is only wielded metaphorically. Though the penile jousting in Tango & Cash is […]

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Polkow’s Story

To the editors: Dennis Polkow tells an interesting story about his qualifications to review opera [Letters, January 12]. I’m sorry, I missed the autobiographical music reviews he talked about because (as I said) I have not been in town very long. I do not read his reviews very often anyway, because he barely knows a […]

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The Wilde Coward

THE WILDE COWARD Absolutely Scandalous Productions Any company calling itself “absolutely scandalous” has set itself a pretty lofty goal, as has any playwright who invokes the names of Oscar Wilde and Noel Coward. Unfortunately, The Wilde Coward is more scurrilous than scandalous and absolute only in its excess. Wilde and Coward were very much part […]

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Not the News

To the editors: For such a good newspaper, I found the Reader’s December 22nd front page story on the events of 1989 sadly cynical in light of the year’s happenings. For those of us who disregard the wealth of sleazy talk show hosts, the television commercials, and the “Batman” merchandising craze, 1989 was a year […]

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Story of Women

A bit mislabeled–the French title is Une affaire de femmes, which translates better as “Women’s Business”–Claude Chabrol’s accomplished and generally uncharacteristic period film (set in World War II occupied France), loosely adapted from a nonfiction book by lawyer Francis Szpiner, gives a plausible and wholly unsentimental account of a housewife and mother (Isabelle Huppert at […]