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Field & Street

My first visit to the Calumet marshes was in the summer of 1982. My guide for the trip was Larry Balch, an expert birder who is now the immediate past president of the American Birding Association. I had known about the marshes for some time before that first visit, but I didn’t know exactly where […]

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WFMT’s Silly Friends

To the editors: The recent letters on WFMT [Feb- ruary 16] have not put the silliness in the proper perspective. It seems the Friends of WFMT are writing to the media to express a narrow point of view, which they are welcomed to, provided they get the facts correct. If a business is to grow […]

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Life Sentence

To the editors: I read the story about Area 2 [“House of Screams,” January 26] with great interest. It made me feel disgusted, sad, curious, amazed, and helpless. Although the jury failed to find Burge and his colleagues had committed any wrongdoing, in my mind they are torturers. I am disgusted that in our society […]

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Marvin’s Room

MARVIN’S ROOM Goodman Studio Theatre The set is unsettlingly sterile, especially for a comedy: a severe modernist proscenium surmounts cold walls of glass bricks, varied by venetian blinds that only add to the clinical look. Not warm at all. But then, despite the playwright’s best intentions, Scott McPherson’s Marvin’s Room is a pretty lukewarm creation. […]

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Run, Sidney, Run

To the editors: I would like to thank Mr. Joravsky for the first fair article I have read about Edwin Eisendrath since he started his campaign for the House [February 16]. Frankly, I have been very disappointed in the media’s treatment of him. They criticize him for implying that Yates is too old, but at […]

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John Campbell

John Campbell’s home for the weekend. This doesn’t scan quite as well as, say, “Mackie’s back in town,” but it packs at least an equal wallop: even though he moved to New York in 1984, working regularly with Mel Torme and with Terry Gibbs’s group, he remains among the most versatile and popular Chicago pianists […]

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The Odyssey

With its extraordinarily expressive story-theater style combining pantomime, silent-cinema acting, sign language, traditional speech, and unusual sound, the National Theatre of the Deaf is uniquely equipped to dramatize Homer’s legendary adventure epic. NTD’s The Odyssey is set in the belly of the Trojan Horse, where Odysseus and his nervous soldiers entertain themselves by spinning fantastic […]

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Mozart Variations

THE CITY MUSICK at Saint Thomas the Apostle January 27 MUSIC OF THE BAROQUE at Grace Lutheran Church, River Forest February 23 It seems odd that only a few years ago Mozart was as far removed from the early-music movement as Stravinsky. Then period-instrument ensembles brought the old master to life, and suddenly the music […]

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Beautiful Moments

MEN DON’T LEAVE ** (Worth seeing) Directed by Paul Brickman Written by Barbara Benedek and Brickman With Jessica Lange, Chris O’Donnell, Charlie Korsmo, Arliss Howard, Joan Cusack, and Kathy Bates. A central part of Paul Brickman’s talent as a director, apart from his skill with actors, is the use he’s made in his two features […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story The Arizona prison system has recently been experimenting with penile plethysmography, which evaluates accused sex offenders using a ring that detects changes in the circumference of the penis when the subject is shown objects or photographs. Officials say results help determine whether the alleged offender should be released pending trial and in what […]