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Intimate Details

WE GOT A DATE Goat Island at Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ October 27 and 28 and November 3 and 4 The Goat Island performance group is one of Chicago’s hidden jewels. Their first piece, the critically acclaimed Soldier, Child, Tortured Man, premiered here in 1987 and then went on to tour 11 American […]

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Which Way to Freedom Street?

A HUNGARIAN FAIRY TALE *** (A must-see) Directed by Gyula Gazdag Written by Gazdag and Miklos Gyorffy With David Vermes and Eszter Csakanyi. When Soviet armies drove the Nazis from the ruins of Budapest in 1945, the victors demanded that the Hungarians erect a statue to celebrate their liberation, such as it was. A suitable […]

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Cosmic Comedy

UGLY’S FIRST WORLD Theater Oobleck You can assume that even bad Oobleck’s going to be better–smarter, funnier, stranger, truer–than nine-tenths of whatever else is available. Ugly’s First World is brilliant Oobleck. See it now and often. Honest to God, if this show were running in New York right now, the downtown critics would be falling […]

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Wright Out of Vienna

To the editors: I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the article on the Unity Temple [Neighborhood News, October 13] and the author referred to Frank Lloyd Wright’s “use of Japanese-inspired architecture” in designing the building. Fortunately, it is documented that Wright collaborated on some interior designs with Viennese architects/designers but I would just […]

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The plaintive, percolating, drawing-room rock of the Verlaines was formed in far-off Dunedin, New Zealand, a remote town in a country whose name is synonymous with remoteness. Strangely enough, Dunedin has produced a refreshingly eccentric alternative rock scene, including the exquisite Chills and a number of other reputedly worthwhile bands. The Verlaines, a three-piece outfit […]

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More on William Heirens

To the editors: I am addressing this letter to the editors, but, in fact, it is directed to Abner Cunningham, whose most interesting letter appeared in the September 22, 1989 issue of the Reader. Mr. Cunningham obviously put a great deal of thought into his correspondence when he stated the following: “Mr. Heirens has never […]

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The Straight Dope

So why do we have to sleep, anyway? I hate spending almost a third of my life in a coma. –Bill Toman, Madison, Wisconsin Why? It helps you understand what it’s like being president. Besides, what else are you going to do at 4 AM? The truth is, researchers don’t know why we have to […]

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More on Disunity Temple

To the editors: Bryan Miller’s Neighborhood News on Unity Temple (October 13) is full of misstatements of fact which could easily have been avoided by consulting actual documents instead of relying on oral reports by those trying to stampede the congregation of the Unitarian-Universalist Church in Oak Park into accepting the demands of the Board […]