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It is a nightly performance, a curious sort of automobile ballet on the quaint wide boulevard that meanders through the north end of Lincoln Park. Every model car imaginable wanders, weaves, pauses, turns around, speeds up, slows down. The lone drivers are also of every sort imaginable–white, black, brown, Asian, young and old. They have […]

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Borah Bergman & Paul Smoker

Trumpeter Paul Smoker, Iowa’s resident new-jazz genius, has made several trips to Chicago in recent years, and if you’ve never heard him, you’ve been missing one of the most coherent improvisers in music today. (And that’s not even mentioning his technique–I can think of no modern trumpeter who could beat this guy in a cutting […]

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First Is Supper

FIRST IS SUPPER National Jewish Theater When a comedian attempts a work of “serious” drama, watch out. There is nothing worse than a funny person trying to create art with a capital A. More often than not the result is something less honest, less true, and considerably less successful artistically than the comic’s earlier funnier […]