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Ode to a Hospital

To the editors: Chorus [“Emergency,” March 16]: Let me die at the County and not on the street Let me die at the County Please take me off my feet Let me die at the County I can’t pay my way Let me die at the County When I’m old and gray. I. Ma died […]

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How Hip We Are

WITHOUT YOU I’M NOTHING ** (Worth seeing) Directed by John Boskovich Written by Sandra Bernhard and Boskovich With Sandra Bernhard, John Doe, Steve Antin, Lu Leonard, Ken Foree, and Cynthia Bailey. Once upon a time, before postmodernism came along, art tended to be about reality and the world–not always, to be sure, but more often […]

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How Hard Can That Be?

To the editors: In regard to your article about schools being crowded on the north side, as well as other areas in the city [Neighborhood News, June 8], may I (who would point out that the emperor had no clothes) ask why it takes three years to build a school? I remember that the United […]

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The Straight Dope

A baseball-playing friend stymied me with this question. Seven batters step up to the plate in one inning, all from the same team. The inning ends and no one has scored. How? We came up with bases loaded, two pop-outs, a grand slam, and one more pop-out, when the other team claims the grand slam […]

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Talk Radio

To the editors: While I was troubled by the hostility apparent in Bryan Miller’s interview of Peter Dominowski [June 22], some of the new Program Director’s ideas that did leak through jibe with our 35 years experience of trying to listen to WFMT. Apparently Norman Pellegrini’s imagined listener was a person of wealth, alone, somewhere […]

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The City File

The death of modern architecture in Chicago, as seen by John Whiteman, director of the Chicago Institute for Architecture & Urbanism: “When I first arrived in ChicagoÉ everyone I met had a fragment from one of Sullivan’s dismantled buildings. These they proudly showed me. ‘Isn’t it beautiful?’ I was asked, repeatedly. Indeed each individual piece […]

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The Cult of Bettelheim

To the editors: “Never kick a man when he’s down,” and certainly Bruno Bettelheim is down now. This saying should really not apply to Bettelheim because he got a free ride from the psychoanalytic mafia in this country for over forty years, and now the worm is turning. Those of us who really knew him […]

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Baby Saving

To the editors: “Confessions of a Baby Saver” by Gina Shepard [June 15] concludes with some profound questions. I do not pretend to have all of the answers, maybe none of the answers, but I can offer some insight. I too, have experienced the world of neo-natal intensive care, as a parent of a pre-mature […]