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Lithuanian Lovers

INTERNATIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL The Square and The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years State Theatre of Lithuania at the Blackstone Theatre It has been said that satire is the shortest-lived theatrical genre, but even more ephemeral is political drama. How many plays have we seen in which the playwright assumes that we and he […]

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Smooth Operetta

THE GYPSY PRINCESS Light Opera Works at Cahn Auditorium June 24 Any music organization that survives its first decade, let alone the era of Reaganomics, deserves a hand. The Evanston-based Light Opera Works has done just that, and even more impressive, it’s thriving. This past season, all of its three productions played to packed houses. […]

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Total Abandon

TOTAL ABANDON Kinetic Theatre Company at Avenue Theatre The truism “To know all is to forgive all” is full of wishful liberal thinking, but a play such as Total Abandon restores its power. Larry Atlas’s wrenching script takes us deep inside the despicable crime of infanticide–deeper than we could ever imagine. Director Leon Palles matches […]

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Ode to a Hospital

To the editors: Chorus [“Emergency,” March 16]: Let me die at the County and not on the street Let me die at the County Please take me off my feet Let me die at the County I can’t pay my way Let me die at the County When I’m old and gray. I. Ma died […]

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How Hip We Are

WITHOUT YOU I’M NOTHING ** (Worth seeing) Directed by John Boskovich Written by Sandra Bernhard and Boskovich With Sandra Bernhard, John Doe, Steve Antin, Lu Leonard, Ken Foree, and Cynthia Bailey. Once upon a time, before postmodernism came along, art tended to be about reality and the world–not always, to be sure, but more often […]

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How Hard Can That Be?

To the editors: In regard to your article about schools being crowded on the north side, as well as other areas in the city [Neighborhood News, June 8], may I (who would point out that the emperor had no clothes) ask why it takes three years to build a school? I remember that the United […]