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Field & Street

My survey of the breeding birds of Somme Woods Forest Preserve is drawing to a close. The birds that will nest there this year are already sitting on eggs or feeding young. For some species, the young are out of the nest and the parent birds are preparing to nest again. I guess I can […]

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CANTORIAL National Jewish Theater Journalists have been quick to label it the “greed decade,” but I still think of the 80s as the time when all America became obsessed with remaking the country in the image of some idealized past. While Europe and Asia went about the business of preparing for the new century, we […]

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METAMORPHOSIS Turbulent Mirror Productions at the Project What impresses me most about Kafka’s Metamorphosis is its resistance to interpretation–it remains beguilingly aloof. One can’t say for certain what Kafka meant by turning Gregor Samsa into a huge bug overnight; he may have meant many things on many levels. But in addition to the endless intellectual […]

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Happy Mondays

Listening to a Happy Mondays record (their first LP, Bummed, or an extraordinary new single called “Step On”) is like having your dance partner knock your hat off, slap your face, rip off your shirt pockets, and shake you violently–you object to it in principle, but in the end you find yourself bopping along disconcertedly. […]

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Public Enemy

Much ink’s been spilled in past months over the controversial political opinions of Public Enemy–particularly the regrettable anti-Semitic comments uttered by a group member who’s since departed–but it would be myopic to view this group as agitprop speechifiers alone. One of the two or three most musically audacious and distinctive rap acts in America, they […]

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Big Dipper/Sneetches/Slugs

“Impossible things before breakfast,” sing Big Dippers Bill Goffrier and Gary Waliek. What seems impossible is selling records for this more-than-deserving band, whose major-label debut, Slam, seems to have just sunk. Too bad: the lead track, “Love Barge” (Love Barge?), is my radio rave-up pick of the year. Some years ago, the Big Dipper hook […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Because of increasing national alarm at sexual harassment in the workplace, several Tokyo strippers’ clubs have recently set up special areas that look like offices where female employees dress in office attire and men can fondle them. Government in Action The Chinese government executed 12 male and 6 female factory managers by firing […]