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Joint Effort

To the editors: I was delighted that the Reader carried a full-page story about the new journal/newsletter on school reform to be published by the Community Renewal Society with support from a consortium of foundations [Hot Type, November 3]. But I would like to set the record straight on one particular point: the genesis and […]

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Once in a Lifetime

ONCE IN A LIFETIME Raven Theatre Company Unlike the theater, which is sometimes elite and proud of it, movies are a populist entertainment. And the bridge between the player and the spectator must never be seen to have a tollbooth on it: Hollywood itself has perpetuated the myth that it is little more than a […]

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String Theory

NIGEL KENNEDY AND THE VIENNA CHAMBER PHILHARMONIC at Orchestra Hall October 21 When Chamber Music Chicago executive director Susan Lipman took over the administrative helm of the Fine Arts Music Foundation in 1982, she had her work cut out. Not only were audiences declining, but the subscriber base of more than 1,400 had dwindled to […]

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Onion City Film Festival

Now in its sixth year, this festival of experimental films will be screening its prizewinners on two consecutive nights. Only two films will be shown both nights, the special jurors’ award winner (Fred Marx’s Dreams From China, a pungent, ambivalent personal essay about his two years in that country) and one of the first-prize winners […]

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Fetchin Bones

Three or four years ago, Fetchin Bones was just another guitar-strewn group of rural rockers cutting their studio teeth with the assistance of laid-back demi-wizard Don Dixon (R.E.M., etc). On that record, Bad Pumpkin, they romped around the fringes of hard rock, toying with cowpunk on one side and zanier stuff (a Television-at-the-beach instrumental) on […]

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The Peddler

An impressive, often powerful Iranian feature (1987) by Mohsen Makmalbaf–who started out as an anti-Shah activist and fiction writer–composed of three sketches dealing with the poor in Tehran. The first, freely adapted from an Alberto Moravia story, follows the appalling misadventures of an impoverished couple with four crippled children as they try to get their […]

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A Raisin in the Sun

A RAISIN IN THE SUN Black Ensemble I was five years old and a good 800 miles off Broadway when Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun opened at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre in 1959, announcing the possibility of an American black theater without tap shoes or head rags. So I missed both the original […]

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“Well now that they’re weakening the Rukns, we’ll soon see crack starting to overrun Chicago,” Rudy asserted, as we watched dozens of officers from various law enforcement agencies break into and generally swarm all over El Rukn headquarters at 3947 S. Drexel. “You see, the only reason Chicago don’t have the same crack problem that […]

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The Sports Section

Last weekend, in our circle, two questions were asked more than any others. One was, “What’s wrong with the Bears?” The other, “What’s wrong with the Bulls?” As the Bulls played only their first and second games of the season on Friday and Saturday, this reflects how absurdly high expectations are this year; nothing short […]

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Bear Essentials

THE BEAR ** (Worth seeing) Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud Written by Gerard Brach With Douce, Bart, Jack Wallace, Tcheky Karyo, and Andre Lacombe. Much of the immediate appeal of Jean-Jacques Annaud’s new feature, apart from its impressiveness as a technical feat, is the attraction of seeing animals more than people, which also means seeing a […]